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How To Work As A Subcontractor In The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project


The best opportunity is the one that its time has come, the statement hold truth as the construction of the East African crude oil pipeline (EACOP) scheduled to start up this soon.
If you are service or equipment provider, you should watch EACOP project closely.

The fact is, many local companies are young and small, they may not have the capacity to execute high tech projects such as pipeline design, pipeline coating or even pipeline construction.
In most cases, many local services providers will come as subcontractors. So if plan to work as subcontractors and you unsure how to get started, I hope these guidelines will help you to get the foot in the door.

Here is the approach to get the subcontractor job in the EACOP project.

1.Identify Your business activity areas
The first step in getting a contract to provides goods or services in the Uganda- Tanzania crude oil pipeline project is figure out the kind of business activity areas you have competence and capacity to perform well.

The proposed pipeline offers thousands of business opportunities. To come out ahead you should decide a particular business area you want to venture into.

You can’t ask or bid for a very contract. You should identify a job you can do at the time. So resolve to be a jack of all trade at a time.
What do I mean? Well, let me start with these examples
• Let say you are a medical doctor or someone you are in the health sector.
So you can provide medical services. This is because injuries and illness need serious medical care during a pipeline construction.
The demand for medical services in the project is huge because each construction crew must have medical staff and ambulance.

Now is where you come in and provide health and medical services in the project because that is the business activity area you can do well at a professional standard

Now, let imagine you are some engaging with transportation sector. So since during pipeline construction heavy machines, pipes will come to the port of Tanga and Dar es Salaam. After arriving at the port material will be moved to the storage yard and construction site, Also there will be high traffic with people so opportunities to transport personnel also arise.


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Again, suppose you are in the construction sector. You can also sell building materials. Since new access roads to be constructed and existing ones to be extracted, so if construction is your area of competence you can eye for such business activity in the proposed pipeline project

Let say you have proven competence and capability in Information Technology or Information system, so in the proposed East Africa Crude Oil pipeline you can function best in the installation of fiber cable, high-speed internet.

If you can do bank and insurance jobs well you have opportunities to providing auditing services and life insurance services
• If you in petroleum product marketing you can fit in the supply of diesel, gasoline, lubricants and engine oil etc.

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2. Scout for bid in EACOP project
Once you determine a business activity, scouts and bid for jobs in activity area where you have demonstrated capability and capacity to perform well.

So look for the company that will win the pipeline construction and approaches them to register you as supplier or service providers in their supplier database.

This will help you to receive the request for the proposal (RFP) that will result in getting the job to provide goods and services.

Because engineering procurement construction (EPC) contractor will need subcontractor companies to help them in implementing the construction of the pipeline.

One of the services you can offer to the pipeline construction contractor is the manpower supplies based on their needs. For example, you can supply them with welders, pipe fitters, also you can offer them equipment used I construction work etc.


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Updated: October 19, 2018 — 12:16 PM
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