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How To Participate In Uganda-Tanzania Crude Oil Pipeline Project

The pipeline project that will pump crude oil from Uganda Oil wells to Tanga port in Tanzania is in everyone ‘s radar.This is because of the vast opportunities the project create across the different sector of the economy.

But how do you participate in the proposed pipeline? Perhaps this is the main question in a mind of everybody.

To be perfectly honest, when the multi-billion dollar project is  coming, the host government wants their citizen to benefit. But I have found the lack of professional knowledge on how the oil and gas really work might be the number one reasons for many Tanzanians and Ugandans to miss out.

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The proposed pipeline will increase foreign direct investment by 60 percent in Uganda and Tanzania. Over 500,000 tonnes will be imported. The proposed will work with many suppliers and service providers. This  will increase the demand for local goods and services in Tanzania and Uganda.

The pipeline is a lifetime opportunity. You will hate yourself later if you miss out variety of opportunities available in the project

It hurts me to say East African people have left behind in the oil and gas sector because of lack of awareness our involvement in this industry is very minimal.

That’s what motivated me to craft this article to help public participate in the Pipeline Project.If you have missed out opportunities in the oil and gas when the industry was in the exploration phase, then you are not late. This is your right time to benefit from the pipeline

If the pipeline is interesting you, here are how to get involved.

Improve your competence and abilities in the project
This industry that values quality, so the pre-qualification that will get you to participate in the pipeline project is to ensure you have quality services and products that will be considered efficient in the pipeline project.

Whether you are providing construction services, transpiration, catering or you are  fuel supplier, improve your ability in the services you render, will boost your chance to get involved in the proposed pipeline.

The reasons the oil and gas projects such as drilling, pipeline construction put the quality as their top consideration is that oil and gas companies invest billions of dollar in the project. So they put a lot of risks to hire businesses don’t prove competence and capability in the service or goods they render

So what determines your participation in the pipeline project has nothing to do with who you are but your expertise and capabilities to execute the service you render.
Now, let discuss three ways To Participate In Uganda-Tanzania Pipeline Project

1.As Host Community
Community group along the pipeline routes have a greater chance to participate and benefit from the project.

They can pull up resources, register company with BRELA and approach contractor and subcontractors for various jobs in the project based on their specialization.

They might start to ask for the supplies jobs in the project. Host communities along the pipeline routes have greater chance to secure contract in the proposed project because of the local content drives that require awards of contract to be top consideration to the indigenous people.

2. Through Partnership

If you have limited resources such as money and experience to go into the pipeline project you can involve in the project through partnership. Two or more business can join forces and scout for bid on the project.
For example, a mechanical contractor and construction contractor can join forces to bid for the construction of Bulk Terminals.

3. Individual
For individuals with an interest in the proposed pipeline project, look for the job available In the project and involve in a retail business such as restaurants, transportation, fuel etc.

Welders, pipe fitters are the most required skills in any oil and gas pipeline construction project. Also, there are casual labors such as help in the digging of the trench etc.

As you have seen, you can get involved in the Uganda-Tanzania Crude Oil pipeline project at any level. Your government wants you to make money in the proposed pipeline project. That  why in a new petroleum acct requires award of contract in the oil and gas activities in Tanzania.

                                    Hussein. Boffu



Updated: October 19, 2018 — 12:17 PM
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