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How To Drive Sales In East Africa’s Oil and Gas Slow Market

Maximizing sales in this time of low oil price can be sweat, a lot of hardworking and sleepless night.

To cope with a drop in oil price,  oil and gas companies are cutting cost, squeeze budget and laid off workers.
If your business provides solution or product to the oil and gas sector there’s way you can generate leads and  pull  yourself out of this downturn’

This method sounds simple. But it’s extremely important for you to generate sales and stay ahead of your competition in East Africa oil and gas market.

The solution is your website. Yes, you read it right. But how does your website can increase your profit margin in this relationship industry?

Many suppliers, contractors and service providers believe that sales in oil and gas sectors come only through handshaking and face to face meeting.

So they use the website only to showcase products and services they offer. But not much else.

But the good news is that your oil and gas website should be part of your sales team. It should get you clients, sales and another great result for your business
To be completely transparent with you, If your website does not result in revenue, then it is senseless to your business. Simple as that

In reality, internet has changed everything.  And oil and gas sector has been adopting these changes.

In this information age. I often call smartphone age, Your prospects are looking for a solution online.
It might be a products or services that they need so urgently. It might be a proposal request, buy they don’t  who to send.

So if you put helpful content to your website. You build trust and authority in your area of your offering.
So once you approach a prospect , they will easily agree with your offering and view you as advisor and expert in the product or service your renders.


The best part is, everyone can write an article and provide valuable information that really solves his client’s problem.
The question of the hour?

Does your website drive sales?  Does your online presence bring you money on the table?
If you answer no to everything above, then rethink.

Updated: July 27, 2017 — 9:01 PM

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