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11 Solutions To Turn Problems Facing Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Into Business Opportunities

Oil and gas business opportunities are out there everywhere. And are available for everyone. But the simple truth is most people don’t know they go through every day missing these oil and gas opportunities.

And you are probably one of those people. You may not know it. But business opportunities is right your nose. Is knocking your door every single day. And if you let these opportunities to pass by.You are missing huge chance to make a significant amount of money.

Money is the reward after solving someone’s problems. If you want to make money in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania, fix a problem and help more people. It’s that simple.

Once you focus on solving a problem and rather than making money you will start to see many opportunities in the oil and gas industry in Tanzania.

As the oil and gas industry is the new in Tanzania, there are many problems to solve,make bigger impact in the community and  generate income  as well. The bigger problem you solve in this industry the more money you make.

So here I will list  11 problems that facing the oil and gas sector and its solutions so as you can take advantage of it. So  read this article from start to finish and once you finish  take immediate action.

Problem 1: Limited oil and gas information

Information about oil and gas industry in Tanzania is held into the hands of few individual. So this prevent public participation in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania as the many people  unaware of opportunities available in the industry and how oil and gas really work.

Solution :  

  • Organize oil and gas events that people will discuss different opportunities available in the industry, and you will make money selling tickets to individual and companies
  • Launch oil and gas magazines that will address key issues and trend in the oil and gas sector
  • Oil and gas blog: If writing is interest you,  start oil and gas blog and share projection of the oil and gas.training ,jobs and business opportunities.If you were a good a content you will attract many visitors and make money through advertisement on your blog

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 Problem 2: Shortage of talent
Tanzania’s oil and gas sector face a serious problem of local labor with requsite skills to execute oil and gas projects.

Solution: Establish training that teaches youth requisite skill that will get them into oil and gas workforce
Here are training you can offer to them:

  • welding, pipe fitting, and fabrication training
  • Repair and maintenance training
  •    Oil and gas Resume writing services
    If you are capable you can establish oil and gas training institute

Problem 03 :Poor Infrastructure
If you have visited today to the regions of oil and gas activities you will find poor infrastructure that needs frequent services. There’s  Natural gas   plants,    that must be serviced  every now.

Offer maintenance and repair services to the oil and gas platforms
Welding services

    Construction and mechanical services

Problem 04: Limited time to go the market to buy materials
Oil and gas companies in Tanzania are busy with projects on the job site, they are busy with searching areas with oil and gas resources, drilling or extraction of oil and gas. So they do not have time to go to the market to buy goods, tools, and equipment. As doing so will delay production which results to decrease its profitability


Visit their head offices and tell them what your business can do for them
Products you can sell. Food, Stationary, and office supplies, Safety equipment, uniforms safety shoes, Fire Extinguishers, Valves pipe fittings paint etc.

If you are reliable and you will be able to deliver goods and tools early or on time, they will become friends of your business and  award  you more contract

Problem 05:Public relation: Good relationship between oil and gas companies and the communities in the areas they operate is vital for sustainable development of any oil and gas companies
Many oil and gas companies have made poor job in getting their message out

Solution: Organize oil and gas Television show
And you will be talking about various issues facing oil and gas sector in Tanzania, such as the effect of oil and gas activities in the environment, how communities can prevent themselves from the environment pollution result to oil and gas activities.You can also share various business opportunities and teach people why oil and gas sector is important for them and their next generation and gives them the basic of how oil and gas are extracted transported and use

Business model: Approach companies and organization to sponsor your show

Problem 06:Cost cutting: Oil and gas companies want to reduce budget by doing more wilt less, so any idea that will help them to reduce expenses in their day to day operation will make you big Cash

Solution: Technology
So anything that can drive efficiencies is in high demand.So look technology that can help companies do more with less. So In this case, Video Conference is an example

How? Oil and gas reserves and activities are conducted in remote areas. But always oil and gas executives spend more time in the head office. So with video Conference, oil and gas executives and manager can easily communicate with their team (engineer or operators ) on exploration site or construction site without being physically there. So this reduce travel cost when they buy ticket

If you are in IT or Telecommunication sector you can sell video conference system to the oil and gas companies in Tanzania
So anything that can drive efficiencies is in high demand.So look technology that can help companies do more with less

Problem 07:Clean Energy that does not Pollute households
Use of hazardous firewoods and charcoal is the major problems that face many households in Tanzania.
These kind of energy are expensive, pollute the environment and  carbon emission can result in the death of people, specifically women, and children.Also firewood and charcoal makes women spend a lot of time in the chicken. As  the government discourage deforestation,more clean energy and cooking facilities  that do not impact  our homes are in high demand.

Solution: Supply cooking gas to the homeowners, restaurant, hotels and even to the factories. If you are reliable and you deliver on time on their doorstep you will attract a lot of customers within a reasonable time from setting up
Problem 08:Safety: Safety is the slogan of oil and gas industry. Overlooking first in the oil and gas industry can lead to the immense challenge

Solution: Conduct oil and gas safety training and sale safety and personal protective equipment
Problem 09:Poor Power supply (electricity): Affordable and reliable power supply is the major constraint in Tanzania. So many business owners, companies have to generators so as to handle this challenges
Solution 1: Supply petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene
Solution2: Sell solar panels, solar charges etc

Problem 10 Security: Security for the oil and gas companies assets and properties are very crucial in oil and gas industry. Also, oil and gas and pipeline are needed to be protected from threat. One of my friend who is procurement in one of the oil and gas companies. Ask me If I can help them to look for supplier of extinguishers because people have stolen their existing one

Solution: Provide security services for the oil and gas companies offices and on their site



Problem 11: Logistic and transportation: Transportation and logistic is the major challenge in the oil and gas. High specialized equipment, complex and remote location also constant fluctuating freight cost impact profit margin of many oil and gas companies
Solution: Providing transport services to move goods, equipment, and employee to the job site
I would love to hear thought,  if you know more problem that we can solve in oil and gas in Tanzania and make money from  it please share.



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