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Where To Contact To Become Approved Vendor of Major Oil and Gas Companies In Tanzania

If you’re thinking  to sell products and services to major oil and gas companies in Tanzania such as Shell, ExxonMobil, Statoil,  Pavilion etc. Then you should get your name in the suppliers list of such major players
So, where to contact regarding become approved vendors? Read on to find out

1.Register into  Tanzania Achilles suppliers Data base system
Currently,  Statoil Tanzania, Shell Tanzania,  Exxon Mobil Tanzania, have  launched  Suppliers database registration system, to ensure interested suppliers or service  providers like you, get an an opportunity to participate in the oil and gas supply chain in Tanzania.This system is called Achilles  suppliers   registration database . I would encourgae you to register since is the effective, enable transparency and it’s  visible  across the world of which your information can easily be found in Achilles system.

You can also build sales organization via sales representatives and distributor represent your products and services in Tanzania


Click the link below to register your company :




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2.Knock on the door
You find the door of the oil companies and have face to face meeting with procurement  or purchasing managers.
The information required to  be entered into vendor list:
certificate of incoperation
Business license
Types of goods and services offered
Any experience you have as  a business
Highlight of work performed
Financial information

What’s your best approach?
Pick the approach that will best suit you and act on it right now before other people do.

Updated: March 28, 2017 — 6:23 PM
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