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The Main Area Of Investment In Oil and Gas Sector In Tanzania


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If you look deep into Tanzania’s oil and gas sector, investment and business opportunities are immense. Sadly, most of us (Tanzanians) don’t know how to access such opportunities.

Is not our fault. The reasons might be this is  fresh industry  in our country.

So,In Today’s post, I expose you the 11 areas of Investment In Tanzanian oil and gas sector.And I don’t want to baby you. These are the capital intensive investment. But It yields strong return if you sustain. You can make billions of dollars net profit.

The main areas of investments within the oil and gas industry in Tanzania are

  1. Exploration drilling and production
  2. Construction and fabrication
  3. Engineering and research
  4. Installation piping and maintenance
  5. Drilling fluid and chemical supply
  6. Equipment supply
  7. Legal and legislation services
  8. Recruitment personnel services
  9. Training/health
  10. IT/communication services
  11. Environment and social training


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