...it's all about the petroleum field in Tanzania.

Updated Information on the Tanzanian Oil and Gas Sector

It’s frustrating, right?

The oil and gas sector is the next thing to sweet potato in Tanzania.

But you’re like a pawn who found itself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a mission to travel to Russia. Ah!


Are you a businessman looking to fast access project opportunities in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector?

Are you looking for information about tendering  opportunities in Tanzania and East African oil and gas sector?

Want to know companies  that have been awarded work on the oil and gas projects

Are you manufacture, supplier  or service provider and want to know tendering g requirement?

Are you generally looking for  existing opportunities in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector?

Tanzania Petroleum got you covered.

Tanzania Petroleum   is an online service designed to list project opportunities and to connect businesses together to find industry suppliers or identify new business opportunities.

Tanzania Petroleum allows businesses of all sizes to become involved in major project work, from prime contractors to small subcontractors. By publishing  details of companies that have been awarded work on projects, we enable all businesses to build new relationships and networks throughout industry.


Tanzania Petroleum website also  dedicate to bring you the most essential, accurate and reliable information on Tanzania and East African oil and gas sector.

This is the go-to site on industry tips, analysis, information, news on opportunities, and ways you can succeed in the Tanzanian  and East African oil and gas sector.


Tanzania Petroleum website  often play important roles in facilitating access to opportunities and knowledge for local firms.

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