Industry insights to help professionals prepare their capability to participate in available and upcoming oil and gas projects in East Africa

Insights to Help Locals and Investors Prepare Their Capabilities To Participate In Available and Upcoming Oil and Gas Projects


For quite some time now, I have been interacting with many investors and business professionals at conferences and on the internet. They are eager to participate and grow their business in the oil and gas sector.

It frustrates them that, most time  don’t see opportunities. They also complain that,  they don’t know what oil and gas opportunities are coming.

And once it comes or when they actually got to know of some, they were not prepared enough financially and in capability. That puts them at a disadvantage. Because they can’t deliver.

I feel the pain and I understand their situation.

In a highly competitive industry such as the oil and gas, the winners are well-informed.

You don’t believe what I have just discovered. What I have realized as some of the reasons are:

First, staying up to date on oil and gas developments and how it relates to one’s business is harder than it looks. It’s daunting and time-consuming. Thus, investors and stakeholders are unable to evaluate the market or understand the opportunities.

Lastly, oil companies prefer to share the opportunities to only those they know. This further makes it hard for new investors or vendors to stabilize.

So, I said, “No more!!

“Let me simplify it for them by providing insights and industry analysis and research to help them prepare their capacity and improve their capabilities to participate in available and upcoming oil and gas projects as well as support continued economic development primarily in Tanzania and regionally in Africa.”

So, whether you are an investor seeking to track oil and gas companies and the progress of their projects in the region, a service provider looking for the next big opportunity to grow your business or an industry stakeholder seeking to be aware of the oil and gas developments happening in the region…

Tanzania Petroleum provides you with insights to help you prepare your capacities and improve the capability to participate in available and upcoming oil and gas projects in the region.

   What Other Says 

 “Tanzania Petroleum Keeps me updated on new developments that are happening in Tanzania that allows me to target high-quality leads and selling equipment to oil and gas companies operating in Tanzania. Tanzania Petroleum can gives internationals companies the exposure they need in East Africa” Imran Pishori C.E.O AP Central, United State


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