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Updated Information on the East African Oil and Gas Sector

With recent market progress in all sub-sectors of the oil and gas industry including upstream E&P, midstream and downstream projects in Africa,


Tanzania petroleum  provides a platform to enable business partnerships, stimulate collaboration and cultivate the advancement of the Africa’s oil and gas sector.

Tanzania petroleum is the digital platform  for entire oil and gas value chain. The platform provide a platform for increased knowledge sharing  drive cost effectiveness and finding trusted partners in order to facilitate the development of the African  oil and gas sector from upstream  through transportation and storage to downstream utilization .

Tanzania petroleum aims to bring all stakeholders in one platform for the efficient value chain.

By connecting with our digital platform we solve some industry pressing problems including material procurement, recruitment and lead generation. We increase efficiency and reduce cost in your business operation. Our goal is to open up business opportunities to exploration companies, oil marketing firms, service providers, suppliers manufactures and professionals.

Tanzania petroleum helps:

For the upstream, midstream, downstream companies and their prime contractors, Tanzania petroleum help simplify their search for products and services they seek. The platform offers a chance to extend your supplier list by helping you connect with trusted and verified equipment and service providers. We unlock unlimited alternatives to compare costs of products and services you seek resulting in reducing cost and increase efficiency in your business operation. Also our digital platform helps simplify your talent search by helping you connect with right and qualified personnel.

2.Service Providers
By connecting to Tanzania petroleum gives service providers and suppliers instant visibility across East Africa and beyond to help grow your business. It also helps you to be easily found for your products and services and increased revenue through increase reach across the industry.

If you are a consultant seeking for the project in East Africa and beyond, then you are landed the right place. Tanzania petroleum is the right platform to find clients and great projects. It also helps you to gain market insight that will skyrocket your business.

By connecting with our digital platforms individuals can access new oil and gas jobs, as well as professionals training that will boost your career.

At Tanzania petroleum we share:

  • Key development
  • Industry events
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  • Industry insights and knowledge

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