Transforming People From Just Followers to Top- Performers

Improving Performance of Organizations and Individuals In Oil and Gas

Despite the recent low oil price,East African oil and gas industry is still hot.

The exploration success in East Africa in recent years has been an exciting development and the resources discovered have the potential for great benefit to the countries involved.

So far three,maybe four billion barrels of oil have been discovered onshore in Uganda and Kenya and 300 (or more) trillion cubic feet  offshore Tanzania and Mozambique. Suddenly East Africa is on everyone’s radar.

The oil price fluctuation has exerted pressure in universities to produce top performing talents for the entire oil and gas value chain from upstream to downstream sub-sector of the energy industry.

Furthermore, with oil price being low for a long time and following technological advances in the oil and gas industry, companies now learn to place a premium on high productivity and high performance of the workforce.

But there is shortage in the people with skills and expertise to deliver the performance needed. The oil and gas industry is one in which productivity, safety and performance are important.

What if you aren’t able to hire skills quickly enough or in sufficient volume to deliver the needed productivity, performance and innovation?

The answer is pretty simple: we increase employment costs and the local industry will be less competitive in the long run

However, the following technological advances and longstanding low oil prices , developing and moving your youth team and experienced workers  from just local champions to world-class professionals  is the answer to address challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas sector..

That is where I come in.

Moving People In the Oil and Gas From Just Followers to World-Class Professionals,  Industry Leaders and Top-performers.

  One of my biggest goals for Tanzania Petroleum is  for us to  raise the performance standard of work competence of the East African oil and gas industry  to become word-class and completely lead, manage and develop oil and gas resources with quality and safety of international standards for the benefits of business communities and the countries

                                                             Benefits to you

I believe that every new step we take helps the industry and the community to become much better and more productive.

We provide great benefits to organizations and professionals like training, industry events, corporate event management, business promotion and consultation on any issue related to the oil and gas industry.

Here are benefits to your business and career:

  • Human capacity development: Training and development of professionals with an aim to improve  performance of employees at workplaces, increase staff  productivity, enhance business profitability and maintain a competitive edge in this dynamic market.
  • Oil and Gas Industry, conference and events Management:provides an opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the state of the industry and acquire valuable business  contacts.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Publications: Authorative industry articles on industry developments, trends and career insights to improve your performance in the industry. 

What Do  Stakeholders
Say About Us? 

Tanzania Petroleum is an important source of Oil and Gas information from east Africa, and is vital to our business. We benefit from playing a part in their networking opportunities, which has allowed us to meet and engage with other Oil and Gas companies and business leaders.– Mark LaCour, Director Modal Point

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