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Improving Individual and Team Performance In Oil&Gas

Opportunity:What’s holding you back from developing your career in oil and gas? Management opportunities open up for skilled professionals with broad industry knowledge and the ability to think strategically.

Why matter: Geopolitics and the low oil price of 2014 to 2016. And the latest low emerge from the impact of the pandemic COVID-19 have led organizations in the oil and gas to seek more from their existing employee and will do the same for their future hire.

While  oil price volatility is a cycle that definitively will see the oil and gas industry emerge stronger, companies and people need a radical change and transformation to ensure  the sustainability of the main source of energy.

In response, operators and oilfield service companies  will develop new strategies and that means that their people will need to have new capabilities.

Challenge: The major concern in East Africa is lack of leadership skills and looming skills shortage.

Impact: Skills gap decrease companies productivity because you have to spend months of hunting to fill a position of skilled workforce.  Companies may have trouble in attracting and retaining talents. Which in turn increase operation costs, lower value creation, lower staff morale and create poor government relation.

Solution : Developing Local human Capital to become  world-class professionals and  industry leaders of tomorrow.

The good news is that management and leadership skills are key enablers for growth for both individuals and companies in the oil and gas industry.

Developing human capacities and move them from just local-level to world-class professionals and industry leaders help oil and gas companies to attract and retain talent quickly and in sufficient volume, which  in tun improve capital and cost efficiency . Furthermore it improve government relation,  value creation and increase performance.

Partnering with training providers,  who takes time to understand unique needs of each client, are crucial in managing change while surviving and thriving in volatile oil and gas market.

Our goal is to ensure  that both individuals and companies see return on investment for money and time they invest in training.programs

Companies will see improved performance and improved business outcome by optimizing resources while individuals will benefits from career advancement and personal success.

                                                       Benefits to you

1.Oil and Gas Virtual Campus Training Program: Our “  Oil and Gas  Leaders of Tomorrow’s Virtual Campus”  does exactly what the name suggests: provides you with a great combination of learning opportunities and training where you want, when you want, and while being able to access expert instruction and help. (No 8:00 a.m. lecture halls here, unless that fits with what you want.)

Virtual Campus program cover the broad range of the petroleum value chain.  The emphasis is on providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the business that is immediately applicable in the work place.

Oil and Gas  Leaders of Tomorrow’s Virtual Campus includes individual self-study, writing assignments, webinars. Plus every Virtual Campus participant is part of a study cohort (or study group).  This group “meets” weekly with the instructor to review concepts from your studies and discuss ideas for your future oil and gas  career and business. 

Oil and Gas Virtual Campus, It’s not only about the crucial coursework, it’s about discussions and brainstorming with your peers, and access to experienced instructors.

If you’re interested in becoming a world-class professionals or developing your career  , we want to hear from you. Helping to develop your oil and gas career and become manager , and launch your own business if you choose, is what we  does best.

2. Oil and Gas Independent Learner Training Program: This is a self-paced on-demand training program. The material is current delivered via an online portal in a fun and engaged self-paced format.  For those with a limited budget or time to invest then our independent learner training program is designed for you. 

2.Events/Networking: Networking is not only part of career development but is essential for producing better business results .We have developed, produce , market and mange events not only to  help professionals build strong networking but also to deliver better result to companies . Whether you set up a small business meeting or a large company event we save you time, hassles, and event costs taking away many of the headaches. With our industry knowledge our network of contacts, we can call upon key stakeholders, speakers, regulatory authorities, event marketing, and promotion and and negotiate venues and ensure you get the venue located in the best areas at the competitive rates. 

3. Connecting You With Future Oil and Gas Customers: We have developed  and cultivated a database of knowledge-seeking contacts in the East African oil and gas industry.  So through our digital marketing solution , companies can sponsors and present webinars or content piece in order to showcase their expertise  in the industry , increase brand visibility  and capture valuable sales leads  to build relationship with target audience of  in the areas of   Upstream, Midstream, downstream , oil and gas service providers, EPc’s and drilling companies, decision makers, professionals and investors. 

What Do  Stakeholders
Say About Us? 

“Partnering with Tanzania Petroleum was one of our strategic decisions that paid off, the mutual relationship saved us time and cost in engaging stakeholders in the East Africa oil and gas sector. In particular, It publicized and supported our conference, eased our relationships with stakeholders, speakers, regulatory authorities and logistics were professionally managed. Hussein Boffu who is the Managing Editor is a goal getter.”-Dapo Ayola, CEO, Sub-Sahara Africa Upstream Oil and Gas Summit and Exhibition.

Tanzania Petroleum is an important source of Oil and Gas information from east Africa, and is vital to our business. We benefit from playing a part in their networking opportunities, which has allowed us to meet and engage with other Oil and Gas companies and business leaders.– Mark LaCour, Director, Oil and Gas Global Network

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