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Updated Information on the Sub-Saharan African Oil and Gas Sector

In the last few years, the oil and gas sector across Sub-Saharan Africa has transformed faster than any point in history. The opportunities in the period of the high oil price are very different from those the lower oil price environment.

The challenges faced by the industry can only be addressed by the whole industry. To solve critical problems of the industry, there is a great need for the industry to be connected.

Tanzania petroleum endeavors to bring together stakeholders related to the oil and gas industry in one space as the one voice to oil and gas in  Sub-Saharan Africa for the benefits of all stakeholders.

Tanzania petroleum is dedicated to promoting  the development of entire value chain of the oil and gas industry primarily in Tanzania and regionally in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tanzania petroleum is a directory, events, job portal and courses  all designed to increase efficiency in the oil and gas value chain.

We  provides  industry professionals with information, career, company directory, job portals and industry events.

Over 3000 industry professionals including IOCs, NOCs, Universities, stakeholders, job seekers, service providers from all over the world are subscribed to our newsletters.

We offer effective business tools to stakeholders for efficient and more productive operations.

All through this work our goal is simple: To enable partnership, develop capacity and promote collaboration and increase efficient in value chain  for benefits of all stakeholders across the Sub-Sharan oil and gas industry.

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