Developing Local Capacities to Be World-Class Oil and Gas Professionals Specialists and Executive Leaders

Bridge the Leadership Gap In East African Oil and Gas

Can I be painfully honest with you?

Shortage of qualified oil and gas seniors and executive leaders is the major reason why oil and gas companies import experts from oversea to handle jobs in East Africa

But the cost of hiring and maintaining international experts is relatively higher. Because you must provide the best for him or her.

You must pay experts very high salary packages, accommodations, school fees for their children. And full-blown medical insurance for them and families.

Furthermore relying on the overseas workforce can give international oil companies additional frustration and cost such more paperwork on documentation including work permits and resident permits.

With oil prices being low for a long time , It is economically viable to developing local experience to become project leaders and decision-makers.

Increasing local experiences reduce capital flight, save companies thousands of US dollar and generate value to our community.

We help to fill this gap by providing training and short courses to help local people and young professionals move from just followers to upper-level positions and leadership roles when the time is right in their respective companies.

Our courses focus on saving companies money, time and take the career of local professionals to the world-class level.

For example, we have software being used in the industry. So we can take a reservoir engineer, Geophysicist or geologist and train him on how to use the software to do a seismic acquisition.

That saves companies thousands or even hindered of US dollars that are paid for seismic providers. Because now, your geologist can do a design using his laptop in his office.

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