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7 Steps Involved in Starting a Profitable Petrol Station Business in Tanzania

Imagine you start a business with much lower risk. Even if the business failed, there would still be something tangible to hold on to. Businesses that thrive even in bad economy. One of such businesses is the filling station business, otherwise known as a petrol station business. Consider this: You are not marketing any product […]

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A Sample Business Plan for Starting an LP Gas (Cooking Gas) Distribution/Retailing Business in Tanzania: A Business Plan for one Quick Gas Limited

LP Gas (cooking) gas is lucrative and competitive business in Tanzania. The good news is that entrepreneur with quality products, a good marketing plan and sufficient start-up capital can win competition in this business. This already-written  LP Gas business plan in Tanzania help not only  translate your ideas into business and your dream into reality. […]

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Feasibility Analysis on How to Start Your Own Profitable Wholesale Petroleum Products Business in Tanzania

The current market of petroleum products in Tanzania is $1.77 billion, growing at the annual rate of 15 percent. With continued economic activities in Tanzania, this growth rate is likely to accelerate in the near term. Although there has been series of natural gas discoveries in the past 10 years and small gas production in […]

A Sample Business Plan for Establishing High Performance Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies in Tanzania and East Africa

This sample oil and gas exploration and production business plan can be used for grant applications, bank loans, proposal writing, business concept notes and as a roadmap to achieve your business objectives. Also, you crucially need the guidance of a specialist petroleum industry consultant in Tanzania, such as Hussein Boffu, to help you in implementing this […]

A complete Small Investor’s Guide on How to Set Up Mini Fuel Station With Two Pumps Anywhere in Tanzania’s Rural Areas With Only TZS 55 Million

     he demand for retailing petroleum products – including diesel, petrol and kerosene – in rural areas and small towns in Tanzania is growing at a fast rate. The growing demand of retail petrol stations in those areas is driven by increasing economic and farming activities. The farmers constantly require diesel in huge quantities […]

Who Else Want to Invest in Booming Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) Opportunities In Tanzania

Tanzania has been faster to develop in terms of LP Gas Growth. With favorable government initiatives, investors can get solid returns on this investment through the rapid growth of LP Gas consumption in the country. You can find opportunities for LP Gas in households (families) hotels, schools, restaurants, clubs, mission and lodges, and commercials clients. […]

How Much Profit Do Petrol Stations Make In Tanzania ?

If you’re brainstorming in order to find a perfect business idea in Tanzania, investing your cash in the petrol filling station business is a wise decision. This business ensures steady profit in a reasonable time from setting up. You might feel the market is already flooded, but you can come in and have at it. […]