In a business sense, the business that supplies products and services with sufficient and notable demand would grow by leaps and bounds.

If you brainstorm to find the right project for investment, here are recession-proof business opportunities that you can pursue.

1.Fuel filling station
So long there are human beings who need to move around. Motorists will never cease look for a place to fill their vehicles with fuel.

And that is why the petrol station business would continue to be one of the sustainable business. The business thrives even in a receding economy.

Regardless of the status of the economy, people drive. Commercial and transport vehicles will look for a place to fill their car tank with fuel. So a petrol station will never run out of business in any economy.

Even if you decide to stop running a business, selling storage tanks, fuel pumps, and other equipment can recover some of your investment. If you decide to stop running this business, you can choose to rent or sell your petrol station and still recover all your investment and more.

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2.LP Gas(Cooking gas) business
As long as food is a fundamental human need, cooking is a human necessity too.
More cooking is done in households, hotels and restaurants, schools, and colleges. This is the simple reason why you should consider venture into LPG (cooking gas) business. With good marketing strategies, a hard-working entrepreneur can build LPGas business to serve their communities — and support their families.

3.Start engineering and maintenance service company.

As long as there are oil and gas facilities across the country, including gas processing plants, oil terminals, depots, and oil tank farms, there are numerous opportunities to offer low-cost service to provide proactive maintenance to those facilities and equipment.
In tough times, major oil and gas companies shift to focus on their capital investment project to maintain and optimize what they already have. You should shift your emphasis and focus on offering maintenance service-type offering to guarantee their uptime and optimize their productivity.

4.Venture into road fuel transportation business
If you remember, your secondary school Biology subject says, “Movement is the quality of living things,”

So following the increasing demand for petroleum products (for example, premium motor spirits, diesel, kerosene, and other petroleum products) in Tanzania East Africa, and Central Africa. Starting a business that focuses on moving petroleum products from oil depots to the desired destination across the country and landlocked neighboring countries in East and Central Africa, including Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, and Kenya, can be a lucrative investment.


I hope this helps.