Petrol or service station is a lucrative  business in Tanzania that need some knowledge and strategic planning.

This already-written  petrol/service station business plan  help not only  translate your ideas into business and your dream into reality. It may also used for bank loans and as a road map for running your business and should also be used as ongoing tools to manage your business and win competition in this industry.

You will also need a step by step support of a specialist  petroleum industry consultant like Hussein BOFFU to help you start your business and implement the business plan.

Executive Summary

SMILE SERVICE Station is a newly established service station whose management perceive the growing demand of petroleum products in Tanzania which is occasioned by the increasing number of cars and infrastructural projects.

At Smile Service Station, we understand that having a service station in a suitable location which is equipped with modern dispensing equipment is not enough in today’s competitive service station division of the oil and gas sector.

To win the competition in today’s crowded retail service station business, we will ensure that our station is managed by efficient and well-trained men who know how to deal with customers and keep them; men who know the products and how dispense them; men who know sales psychology and safety practices; and men with agreeable personality that is pleasing and inviting.

Our biggest competitive advantage is amazing customer experience. That means we pay attention to keeping our service station and its equipment and surroundings spotlessly clean while offering friendly and helpful customer services. This will attract more people than any single thing we can do.

Our goal is to supply distinctive services which make motorists want to return to our station.

Our motto is “Service with Smiles”. This means we don’t just fulfill the orders of motorists, we also make our customers feel welcome and glad that they visit our stations and that we offer great customer services with pleasant warmhearted smiles.

Our service station will be equipped not only to sell petrol and diesel to a large number of motorists but also to give extra products and services such as repair services, car wash services and accessories all on the same premises.

As a principal owner of Smile Service Station, Mr. Kelvin brings year of business experiences to the company.



Smile Services Station has established six objectives it wishes to achieve in the next five years.

  1. Having daily sales of 2,500 litres.
  2. Establishing three service stations in different areas in Tanzania within five years of operation.
  3. To own our own fleet of tanker trucks for carrying products from oil depots to our service stations.
  4. Increase revenue by 30% by 2022.
  5. Increase foot traffic by 12% annually.
  6. To provide customer services that is second to none.



To offer motorist and residents best quality petroleum products while providing amazing customer services.


To become a superior brand in the petroleum retailing marketing business in Tanzania and East Africa.

Keys to Success

The keys to success for Smile Service Station are:

  • Well trained attendants and operators that offer personalized services
  • Excellent Customer services that will promote customer loyalty
  • Accessible and visible location that will assure motorist stop
  • Offering an array of goods and services
  • High Quality products and services


Business Descriptions

Smile Service Station is a startup service station with professionally trained and customer-sensitive pump attendants and operators consistently offering varieties of petroleum products to motorist in the Muheza district of Tanga region and its environs. We are consistently committed to ensuring we provide a memorable experience to all our customers who approach our pumps from time to time. We will ensure that we get our customers involved when making some business decisions that will directly or indirectly affect them.


Business Ownership

Smile Service Station is solely owned by Kelvin Mtanga, an entrepreneur who understands the local business environment. As the principal owner of this station, Mr. Kelvin Mtanga will assume all responsibilities involved in the development of the station and he will be involved in making all financial decisions of the business.

Once the business kicks off, Mr. Kelvin will hire an experienced manager who will be in charge of the whole station. All members of staff have to report to him, and he will accountable directly to Mr. Kelvin Mtanga.



Smile Service Station will be located in Michungwani within Muheza District in Tanga Region. The location has several advantages including good accessibility and visibility, good traffic potential, good purchasing power of the residents as well as growth of the area around the site due to planned infrastructural development.


Product /Services

Smile Service Station was established with the aim of providing amazing customer experience  in the petrol station industry. We want to compete favorably with the leading oil and gas retailing firms in Tanzania, which is why we have put in place a competent  and amazing team that will ensure that every sale, service and maintenance carried out or related services rendered meet and even surpass our customers’ expectations.

We will work hard to ensure that Smile Service Station is not just accepted in Muheza District but also in the entire city. We will also target other cities in Tanzania where we intend opening our branches. Our products and services are listed below:

  • Petrol (Petroleum Motor Spirit; PMS)
  • Diesel (Automotive Gas Oil; AGO)
  • Kerosene (Dual Purpose Kerosene; 1K)
  • Cooking Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas; LPG)
  • Lubricant Oil, Grease, Motor oil, Break fluids, etc.
  • Tires, battery and accessories.
  • Automobile spare parts.


Our services include:

  • Automotive services (e.g. car wash and general parts sales).
  • Providing automotive repair services.
  • Providing wheel alignment, wheel balancing and vulcanizing services.
  • Car wash.
  • Parking Services.

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