Dear Oil and Gas Professionals

What if you could develop your career in oil and gas and become a manager or a leader in your organization. What if you will be rewarded greater recognition, status, and power in your company? What if you will be rewarded a larger office, a higher title, and a raise?

 How much fun would you have in making a greater contribution to your organization? 

Imagine having the perspective of the CEO of an international oil company, or the Director-General of a National Oil Company: how much more could you achieve, what opportunities could you seize?

The simple truth is that management opportunities open up for skilled professionals with broad industry knowledge and the ability to think strategically.

Technical expertise is not enough: to become a leader means understanding the geopolitics, the technology, the finance, the many different stakeholders – as well as knowing how to get the best out of a team.

Developing Your Career to Become World-Class Professionals and Industry Leader

So What’s holding you back from developing your career in oil and gas? A successful career in oil and gas depends on a thorough understanding of the industry’s complexities. 


                    The 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas

To help talented individuals like you develop their career in oil and gas .We are introducing 3 days MBA in oil and gas training programs. You will benefit from an intensive, challenging and in-depth course on the upstream oil and gas business that gives you real insight into how the industry works?

Join this well-established programme to understand the strategic dynamics of the industry and take your career to another level. We developed this highly-rated course to meet the need for a fast, but comprehensive overview of the upstream industry, to help prepare executives moving from a technical role into a more general management role. It’s a practical and interactive programme, with limited technical content and extensive use of case studies and exercises.

  Delegates Will

Have greater impact in dealing with senior executives, colleagues and partners.

 • Improve their decision-making skills.

• Improve their ability to identify opportunities and create value for their firm.

• Understand the key dynamics shaping the petroleum business today.

• Understand the latest trends impacting the exploration and production value chain

. • Benefit from a network of new contacts within the industry


Managers and senior professionals aiming to take on leadership roles in the oil and gas industry will benefit from this course. As your career develops and you take on wider responsibilities, you will need a broader understanding of the industry’s complexities. Whether you are in an NOC, IOC or working for a service company or professional adviser, this programme will give you a perspective that is hard to get amongst day-to-day pressures, but is vital to long term success


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