The oil and gas is a word of mouth industry, to sell more goods and services In the industry you need to have face to face meeting with your client and tell them how you can help with your products and services. Because once you meet with your client in a person there is a greater chance will do business with you

And the best way to get client in oil and gas to speak to you is by booking appointments or sales meeting.
And the more appointment you make, the more client you see and the more goods and services you sell that increase your profit margin

The good news is that the ideal approach to reach out client and get more sales meeting is through email.
Whether you want to get client in the proposed Uganda-Tanzania oil pipeline project or any other oil and gas project, cold emailing can help you a lot

In this post, you will be learning how to get high paying client in Tanzania and East African oil and gas using cold emailing. You will learn how to find client email in the oil and gas without annoying anyone. You will also learn how to write effective cold email that will get you more appointments and more revenue in the oil and gas.
If you are wondering how? read on to find out

Use professional email address
Client don’t take seriously people who reach out to them using emails associated with “Gmail” ‘yahoo” “Hotmail “
. If you use unprofessional email like to reach out client in oil and gas. I guarantee your email going unread. Or even if they read, nobody will reply.
You should use professional email that linked to your company like
And the only way to have professional emails is by setting up company website because the end part of your email is the domain name that holds a company website.
For example, in this email “” is the domain name of the company website
So if you want to get the client in oil and gas in the East Africa, go and create a website. If not, you will lose significant businesses.

Find out the right person to email
You need to email a person who is able to make the decision to hire you. In each oil and gas companies, there is a person in charge of a particular department. For example, if you shot cold emailing to the human resources manager for the services you won’t get any response.

Perhaps he will ignore or delete your email instantly. To stand out, reach out to the right person at the company. Here are two approaches. The first approach is to email managing Directors, CEO and countries managers at oil companies
The second option is to reach out to a logistics manager and procurement manager.

But I have found the best approach send an email to CEOs and Managers. This approach has worked well for me. And here is how I do.
I emailed Manager or CEO at oil and gas company, so the manager will schedule a for meeting appointment. And when they replied to let me the date that is convenient to meet me at their premises, they copy some of his procurement staff. So I sensed I will meet not only the mangers but also with his procurement team.

How To Find Client Emails

The cold emailing is useless if you don’t have contact information for the people you want to email in the oil and gas company. Here are three ways to find client emails
1.Search on Google.
Google is a useful tool to get the email address of many executives in the oil and gas in Tanzania. You should try different phrase until you get the desired result. When I just entered the oil and gas business I had no contact in Tanzania oil and gas.

I wanted email address of the managers at the oil companies to set up appointment because If you go to the oil and gas companies without appointment, client won’t speak to you and most importantly you sound unprofessional because they can regard you as you are not time conscious

So I started to Google and I typed the different phrase and words until I found the link that had all email address and phone numbers for managers of international companies in Tanzania. Afterwards, I emailed all managers to ask for meeting appointment. Because I learned how to write effective cold email I got 7 sales meeting out of the 10 clients I pitched.

2.Leverage LinkedIn
LinkedIn has proven the best social network for professionals since its launch in 2002. Many decision-makers in oil and gas have LinkedIn accounts. So You can find email addresses of decision makers in oil and gas on LinkedIn. The first thing you need to do is to get information about the people in an organization. To achieve this, visit the company website you want to work with, go “Our Team” or a “Staff” page. And you will find names and position of the key personnel in the company. Then you cross-reference all names from website with LinkedIn

3.Use email hunter
This is the best App which to uncover email address of anybody. In order find the email address, you add the website of your prospect, so it searches and then you will track all email addresses available to the people in the company. So you can find an email address of the person you are interested in.
I used this approach and I found email s and phone numbers of all managers on the Google

How To Write Effective Cold emailing
Now, you have an email address, so now is the right time to send an email to your clients. But anybody can pitch clients. But only who write effective pitch will get the response. If you know to write an irresistible cold email that grabs client’s attention, and you write In a polite and persuasive way, you will get more responses and more appointments that will result to more leads and sales. Other ways your client will ignore or delete your email and losing business.
Here is how to write effective cold email:

1.Write Irresistible    headline

The headline is what make people to whether open your cold email. So a good headline will

Once you have written a headline, the next step is to personalize your cold email with prospect’s first name
Sending people email without personalizing reduces your reply rates. If you send email without addressing them by name, there is a greater chance client will trash your email. The research points out that 48 percent of decision makers do not reply when they receive emails that haven’t address them by their name

The simple truth is oil and gas manages are super busy. They receive tons of email every day and hundreds of phone calls. They have to deal with government officials and attend meetings.
Procurement managers in oil and gas also are busy, they have to send “Request for proposal to other service providers and suppliers, also they have to evaluate them to ensure they choose the right supplier for particular services. So personalize your email with your client’s first name shows you care and increase the response rates

But sending them to email simply saying “Hello” “ Dear sir” won’t give the desired result because it may be misconstrued as spam
For example, how do you feel when you receive emails. The first email, a sender starts with Dear (Your first name)
And the second email, the sender starts with Dear (Sir) without mention your name
I bet you will feel excited the one who has included your name in the mail. The same way when you shot the cold email to the client. The simple truth is that people love to hear their name. So when you approach client personalize will increase your response rates

3.Introduce Your Company

The first line of your email should aim to introduce your company. This help client to know who is dealing with. Also, introducing your business establish trust with client which is the key in making sales
Here is an example.” We are {Rock gas Tanzania Limited} a Tanzania based supply and procurement duly registered”

4. Purpose of the mail
The next stage is to answer a question “why you are emailing me”, you should be specific to explain what you reach out to client
Here is an example “ We are writing officially to apply for registration and do business with your company.
5.Establish reputation
You have to write anything that will increase credibility for the client. If you have entered a partnership with reputable experience firm in the oil and gas just state it. If you have already served other big oil and gas companies just sate it. If you have accomplished a big project even in the industries that is irrelevant with the oil and gas mention it in your email.
Here is an example “ Rock gas Limited has worked with various oil and companies in Tanzania, include, Statoil and Shell.”
If you haven’t worked with any oil and gas companies in Tanzania, establish credibility by the state any achievement you have accomplished as a company that is relevant to your potential client. In oil and gas experience is critical.So You can establish credibility by telling your client the number of years you have been in the business

5.Outline the services or products you offer
The next step is to tell your client how you can you help them. You should outline all the service and product you think your clients will benefit from

6.Conclude and Encourage your client to take action
The final step is to explain what action you want your client to take? Because the aim for shot a cold email is to get appointment with client so as you can present our goods and services to client
So here is how you can conclude your cold email “We humbly pray to have a good working relationship with (Name of client’s company) for mutual benefit. Kindly Schedule us a face to face meeting to further discuss our services.We know you are busy so we only need few minutes of your time to show you what we have got and you can judge for yourself if is what you are looking for. Will Monday or Thursday work for you?

Why this conclusion works well. The reason it works well is that

They are busy, so telling them you will spend few minutes with them, your client will be happy to meet you because they are confident you won’t take a lot of the time. Also, it makes client say yes because up

3-7-7 Follow Up Formula
Cold email can be frustrated when you send an email to the client and you don’t get a response.
What will you do when this happens? Will you give up? The answer is you send up follow up email.
There are many reasons why your client hasn’t reply your cold pitch. Here are some of the reasons

He hasn’t received your email. Sometimes, email is marked as a spam
So sending follow up email can resolve this challenge. But if you don’t know how to follow up with cold emailing, you will annoy your clients and end up hearing nothing. The purpose of follow up cold email isn’t to harass your client to book appointment with you but to remind them they didn’t receive or overlooked your email.
The good news is that using 3-7-7 follow up formula you will get more replies from the clients, and get more appointment that will result to sell more goods and services in the oil and gas in East Africa.
Stay tuned until the next post when I will reveal the 3-7-7 follow up formula that will get your more sales meeting