An employee walks down stairs on the Armada gas condensate platform, operated by BG Group Plc, in the North Sea, off the coast of Aberdeen, U.K., on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015. Royal Dutch Shell Plc got clearance from antitrust authorities in China for the takeover of BG Group Plc, removing the final regulatory hurdle for its biggest-ever deal. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Many Tanzanian are hoping to get a job in one of the biggest company in oil and gas industry.

According to results done by Twaweza organization and launched on 1st Sept 2015, reveal that 4 million jobs are expected by ordinary Tanzanian

Men and women are searching off-line and online to find the job they may use for. Whether they have right skills or not.

Lots Tanzanian make possible effort to make sure that they become part of Tanzanian gas boom

And the sad truth is this, 50 % of applicants may not even know the job they applied

Have you ever thought why many Tanzanians considering jobs in Oil and gas jobs?

Don’t worry. Here’re the answers.

High incomes rate
Oil and gas is a profitable and most fulfilling industry. Why? The fact is actually simple: The salary rate is great. Fresh graduate is receiving six-figure starting salaries. Not to mention trained and experienced individuals.

Still doubt?  If you want to comprehend what I am discussing about get near with Tanzanian oil and gas worker and you will appreciate financial reward arriving from working in this industry.

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High compensation
Those who retire and completed contract get good compensation.And insurance, holiday  pay are incredibly eye-catching.And create many Tanzanians look for a job in oil and gas market.

Training opportunities
Tanzanian know that in oil and gas industry you will be trained along the way once you employed. This could improve their know how and expertise not only for short term but in the rest of their career

Overseas Visits
Oil and gas reserves have been located in several locations. For this factors, oil and gas employees journey from one nation to another( region to the continent) to achieve oil and gas tasks. And experience what the world has to provide for us.

As am writing this post, one of my buddies is in United Emirates of Arabic (UAE) operating with one of largest oil and gas companies

Final words
Tanzanian oil and gas sector provide both short-term and permanent jobs. However, When you are looking for oil and gas jobs look at the job information if it entails particular course or training. Some oil and gas vacancies need individuals who have past experiences or well-trained people

To narrow your oil and gas job search, there are Tanzanian recruiting organization like(proactivesolutions and Radar) will be able to help you discovering coordinate oil and gas jobs. Because they are devoted to offering oil and gas organizations with both long lasting and temporary workers

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