Wish to invest in oil and natural gas sector in Tanzania?

You are in the process of learning admirable stuff.

With these immense discovery of natural gas in Tanzania, there is a higher chance for local entrepreneurs and companies to generate abundant wealth in the oil and gas sector.

The article examines  education and training business opportunities in Tanzanian oil and natural gas sector that you can start to day and creat huge wealth.,

Also it explains the reasons why there is huge demand for education and training in oil and gas sector and finally I will explain to you the tips to succeed in this kind of investment.

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Why is the demand for education and training in Tanzanian oil and natural gas sector
Before we move to the business opportunities in Education and training in natural gas sector in Tanzania is important to have better understanding on the factors that drives the great demand of this business,

Desire to  higher productivity
In order to increase production and efficiency in workplace, both government and private sectors should consider staff training

Having Staff who are well trained in Tanzania natural gas sector is very important as it help most oil and gas project to succeeded at right time and with higher efficiency

Staff training has wider ranges from technical to no technical programmes, including presentation leadership etc.This indicates that demand for this investment is very very huge in Tanzania.

More skilled local workers are required in Tanzania oil and gas sector
According to FootprinttoAfrica Tanzania government has set a goal to train 1,350 graduates in different courses by June next year.

But still Tanzania requires a sizable number of human capital with relevant knowledge and skills in the development and management of the oil and gas sector in order to realize her full potential of the local content in the industry.

So more training are required to locals in order to have sizable number of  labors  that have knowledge and skills relevant to oil and gas.

Tanzanians expect  millions of jobs from oil and gas industry
According Twaweza.organization, Tanzanians expect 4 millions jobs from oil and natural gas sector, this drives more demand for education and training business, as the many Tanzanians are swarming to study courses related to oil and gas industry in order to be employed in this industry.

Educational and training Investment Opportunities in Tanzania’s’ natural gas sector.
The educational and business opportunities that entrepreneur like you or local companies can consider in Tanzanians natural gas sector include the following

Train trainer program
According to the Norwegian agency for development co-operation(NORAD), revealed that among of the challenge that training in oil and gas sector in Tanzania faced is a lack of qualified teaching staff. imgresAs a local entrepreneur.

You can turn this challenge into opportunities by establishing train trainer program. Your job here is to train those college and university tutors in Tanzania so as to ensure they deliver quality education that is relevant to oil and gas industry.

Also, you can go the extra mile by training other people in a national oil company and the ministry of energy as a whole in order to increase efficiency at their work that meet the demand for oil and gas industry.
Curriculum development
Among of specific objectives of 2014 local-content-policy-of-tanzania-for-oil-gas-industry is to enable regional training institution runs requisite curriculum applicable for oil and gas industry.
Currently, we have multiple local institutions that offer oil and gas related courses. We hold the University of Dodoma, University of Dar es Salaam, Mineral Resources institute, the Nelson Mandela Africa institute of science and technology and Earth science institute of Shinyanga.
For entrepreneur like you this is the opportunities to create wealth by fixing this challenge of poor curriculum

Vocational training
Owing to the shortage of vocational training relevant to oil and gas industry in Tanzania, there are not sufficient machine operators, repairmen in Tanzania’s’ natural gas sector. imgresIn order reduces the influx of foreign workers in Tanzanian oil and natural gas sector. The industry will require more local labors to do this job in this oil and gas industry.

Tips to succeed in education and training business in Tanzanian oil and natural gas sector
As you understand venturing into education and training business in oil and gas sector, you must have clear goals and serious consideration.
The following are some tricks required in order to reach your destination
Laws rules and regulations
In Tanzania education and training institution is controlled by government, therefore in order to be successful in this business is better to follow those rules and regulation, interested entrepreneur you should get permit or license from the relevant authority.
As the capital becomes a popular excuse to countless entrepreneurs, is very bitter if you will find investors and a bank that will be willing to invest into your training idea. Other ways start your education and training business in the oil and gas business at a scale that you afford.
Partnership and alliance is essential in this business
The common challenge in education and training business in oil and gas sector is the experience and knowledge of teachers, the solution of this is partnership or alliance.

You should form partnerships with other foreign based training providers such as university and colleges that have a qualified trainers with knowledge and experience to deliver quality training

For example Germany United Kingdom   they are willing to work closely with private sector to deliver support in training institutions in Tanzania and East Africa as whole

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Final Word
Tanzania is the land of unlimited business opportunities, Since the demand of training business in Tanzania natural gas sector is very huge, Entrepreneur like you is right time to accumulate wealth in this  interesting business

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