Developing Local Capacities to Be World-Class Oil and Gas Professionals Specialists and Executive Leaders



I graduated from college more than four years ago. At that time, it was the beginning of the oil and gas market downturn, and I lost five job opportunities.

I had no source of income, but I didn’t give up, neither I thought of going into another industry. I was passionate about the oil and gas industry and I didn’t care about the lack of jobs,

As many graduates  out there, I would never knew what I will end up be doing. I spent a few months evaluating myself, understanding my strengths and weaknesses, and aggressively learning about the oil industry.

I knew what I wanted to achieve and the things that I needed to improve, and I went for it.

I learn everything about the oil and gas industry. Although I didn’t have the money to access industry events. I attended many industry events and conferences. I begged the event organizers to offer me a complimentary pass and In return, I would promote their events on my social networks. The approach worked out.

I connected with well-experienced industry veterans both at home and oversea through industry events and  social networks such as LinkedIn. I learned a lot from their wisdom and experiences.

All my focus was on the oil industry, and it paid off. Here I am today, doing what I love, and I can tell you, there is nothing as great as doing what you love.

In four years upon graduation, I sold supplies to some of the oil and gas companies operating in Tanzania such as France’s Maurel et Prom exploration and Production.

I have hosted industry events by the name oil and gas happy hour, which has allowed stakeholders to engage and network with other oil and companies and business leaders

I supported major companies that wanted to create their own events in East Africa such CWC group, Mozambique Gas summit, and Sub- Saharan Africa upstream oil and gas summit and exhibition.

And if you are a regular reader of my website, you know that I am passionate about developing local capacities, training and developing them from just followers to world-class professionals and executive leaders and bridge the oil and gas leadership gap in East Africa.

Lesson here?
Sometimes in life, we may try a new approach, apply all tips and tricks, yet we still fail to reach our goal. At this point, we tend to give up.

But once you find what you love, you will get the power to reach your goal. Your purpose and passion are what will keep you going, no matter how hard is the situation.

If you are passionate about the oil and gas industry, learn more about the industry, expand your network, attend conferences and industry events, take a training course, get join both trade and professional association such as Society of petroleum engineers,
Believe me or not, Despite the current state of the oil and gas market, if you are passionate about the industry opportunities will come. If it didn’t create them.


By Hussein Boffu, Managing Editor, Tanzania Petroleum.

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