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Five Things Public Relations and Marketing Communication Can Help Your New Brands Achieve in the Oil, Gas and Energy Sector in Tanzania and East Africa

New oil and gas discoveries are being made in East Africa and the opportunities available for oil and gas exploration are awarded to the highest bidder every year. The East African region presents enormous business opportunities for companies who are willing to take new risk especially in Tanzania and East Africa’s oil and gas sector. Your company can capitalize on the opportunities in the industry through a public relations marketing program.
Among other things, the following are the five things public relations can do for your new brand in the oil, gas and energy sector:
1. Building Industry Presence
As you enter the new oil and gas market, nobody knows about your company, your products or even your services.
PR can play important roles in increasing industry presence as well as raise awareness for your products and services in the market.
2. Finding Local Partners
Tanzanian companies love to work with reputable and credible brands that have positive image. The good publicity can be worth many thousands of dollars in free advertising and, most importantly, can attract local companies that seek joint venture opportunities or seeking business-development opportunities with your company.
3. Attracting the Right Talent
To achieve your operation goals, your brand needs local competent workforce. A good PR can be play great role to convince the prospective employees that your company is a good place to grow their career.
For example, by creating a press release that promotes your branch in the region and contracting a public relation specialist to help publish your press release and earn media placement, this would increase your brand awareness and can attract competent workforce for your firm.
4. Generate Consumer Interest
Consumers want to order services and buy products from brands that have a positive image and a record of accomplishment in terms of delivery time.
Public relations can help you demonstrate your past achievements and completed projects. The practice generates the end-user interest, which is the ultimate goal.
5. Increase Your Brand Value
People love an established brand. This is why they search for reviews on your company services, ask for their relatives and colleagues’ opinion on your company, and call your customer care unit to see if the story tallies. Public relations give you the power and privilege to demonstrate what you are offering and how it can benefit the clients. This increases brand recognition and makes people value your brand. In essence, people will not need to ask their relatives or call your customer care unit, because you will have succeeded in creating a household name.
New brands seeking to enter the Tanzanian oil and gas market can do this by working with public relation specialists and producing a special report that tells the story of the company, and demonstrate the core value of the company and its track record. The public relations specialist would then send the report to major oil and gas companies in East Africa and distribute it to delegates at major industry events across East Africa. The practice helps prospective clients to keep in touch, which enhances relationship. This could attract investments to the company.
Updated: March 21, 2019 — 10:44 AM
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