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What to Do to Attract Stakeholders to Your Oil and Gas Companies in Tanzania and East Africa

Oil, gas and energy companies operating in East Africa have crucial job to do to convince the East African populace that how the company is managing the impact and environment, health and safety risks of operating in the East Africa regions.
This is achieved by demonstrating the way companies (your company, by extension) overcome risk and operational challenges as well as forecasting future performances. For example, your company can hire a skilled hand to describe, through engaging content, how they meet local content in the region with few skilled and competent workforce. Or even describe how your company is addressing global issues such as climate changes.
The Benefit of PR to Oil, Gas and Energy Companies
Many oil, gas and energy companies, and oil and gas association realize that public relations is the best way to build brands, generate investors’ interest, build positive image with communities and government bodies, and position their company at the top in the market.
 Let us take a sneak peak into the mind of an investor who always looks for return on investment. To achieve that, he or she would want to invest in credible brands that have positive image. His thinking, research and evaluation is solely for the purpose of choosing a brand or company that has a track record of high performances. Therefore, one can conclude that a public-relations marketing program is the best way to attract more investment.
An effectively managed PR program will produce a carefully crafted special report on your company’s operations in Tanzania and/or East Africa, gallery of corporate social responsibility and featured interview with the MD or CEO of your company on how the company has made giant strides despite challenges.
If this report is then distributed to the delegates at major industry events across Africa, it will produce good results
The PR program will not only help manage the company’s brand but also lead to investors seeking to invest in your company. This coverage can be worth as much as thousands of dollars in free advertising of your company and, most importantly, it will help you attract the right talents and suppliers, generate investors’ interest and strengthen relationship with stakeholders as you make them understand your operations.
Your Company Will Get a PR Person, Whether You Want it or Not
One thing which is true about the oil and gas industry is that it operates in challenging regions and complex tasks. Despite the advancement of technology, when  industry professionals still go further to find oil and gas resources in the deep water, drilling for oil and gas both onshore and offshore, there are possibilities of injuries and even death. Drilling is a dangerous task.
Even if your company decides to not have any PR program, one day, an event or crisis will occur that will dent the company’s image. The media will come knocking on your door, and you will have no choice but to respond. A company that utilise public relations marketing programs can control the damage or crisis.
How to Win Over East Africans in the Oil, Gas and Energy Sector
One of the key ways to use PR effectively is knowing how to win stakeholders’ minds. But how do you win their minds?
Press Release:This can be a powerful tool in your PR marketing program. A press release that describes the change in management, increase in natural production or starting new drilling programs can strengthen relationship with stakeholders, if distributed to the industry publications and media contacts. Oil, gas and energy companies can create and distribute these press releases by working with PR professionals who have cultivated a strong relationship with respected publications. These publications will ensure they get the desired attention.
Special Report:This special report can highlight the achievements of your company despite challenges. It could feature, by order of importance, the following:
•An overview of your company operations in Tanzania and/or East Africa.
•An exclusive interview with the Minister for Energy.
•Interviews with the Director or CEO of your company.
•Photo gallery of Corporate Social Responsibility activities of your company.
With the help of PR professionals, the report can be distributed to delegates at major industry events across Africa. Again, this could worth as much as thousands of dollars in free advertising.
The Media: Part of your PR marketing program should be utilizing the media to publish the stories about your company and her operations, in order to get good coverage, reach a wider audience and help your company manage its brand image.
Updated: March 18, 2019 — 9:16 AM
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