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How To Choose The Right Oil and Gas Speaker For Your Next Event

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The simple truth is that a good oil and gas keynote speaker can ruin or drive up the value of your event.

But finding the perfect oil and gas speaker can be a little bit frustrating in East Africa, considering the industry is at an infant stage.
The good news is that the good oil and gas speaker can increase the credibility of your event and make attendees feel that their time and money they poured into your event have paid off.

In addition to that, they can impress attendees to come back for the next edition of your event.

Now that we have seen that a good oil and gas speaker can play a vital role in the success of your event, let switch gear and discover some way to pick the right oil and gas speaker:

1.Consider your budget
The first thing first, you should determine exactly the budget that your company has set aside for your oil and gas keynote speaker Once you know the fund available you can choose oil and gas speaker whose cost suit your pocket size. Decide how much you can spend on a speaker including accommodation and travel expenses.
If you have a limited budget, never hesitate to reach out to the oil and gas speakers. Some oil and gas speakers are willing to speak at your event at a reasonable cost so they increase their visibility and promote their personal brand as the authority in the industry

2.A popular Topics Of Discussion In The Industry
Some topics appeal to wider audience, for example, many people seek out to know some ways they can capitalize opportunities in the massive East African crude oil pipeline project- a pipeline that will transport crude oil from Uganda oil field to Tanzania.
So knowing the popular topics of your event will help choose the most appropriate oil and gas speaker.

3.Level of Knowledge
Knowledgeable oil and gas speaker can provide some insight into the status of the industry, opportunities in the upcoming oil and gas project and they can even predict the future of the industry. This kind of speaker can prepare an informative presentation that works fine for your audience,

The biggest mistake most event organizers make is that they choose the speaker purely based on fame or name recognition. The high profile oil and gas speaker will not always guarantee attendees, but the best oil and gas speakers should have a message of value to share with your target audience. Most importantly must have the willingness to promote your event via their own social media.

Updated: December 28, 2018 — 12:34 AM
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