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Invitation To Express Interest From Total East Africa Midstream



Note: I am not a member or employee of EACOP.  I can’t help you get a contract or job to the pipeline.


I just share this article to help be aware of the opportunities available in the various oil and gas project in Tanzania or East Africa.


There’s a new oil project beginning in East Africa. If it gets going, then it could mean a huge number of opportunities for Ugandans, Tanzanians, and others.

The proposed $3.5 billion East African Crude oil Pipeline(EACOP) is good not just for oil companies, but for service providers and oil workers as well.

Sure, it is true that once the 1,445 kilometers long East African Crude oil pipeline (EACOP) project is completed it will give big oil companies a larger share of the market. Sure, it is true that it will allow the big oil companies to transport more than 216,000 barrels of oil every day.

Sure the project will increase direct foreign investment (FID) by 60 percent in Uganda and Tanzania. And stimulate oil and gas exploration activities in the regions.

But would also generate a substantial financial reward for the oil workers, contractors and services providers that are involving In constructing and operating the pipeline.

Now is a very good time for oil workers and services providers to start monitoring project’s status.

Click the link below to download  the Expression of Interest (EOR) for the provision of main line block valve from Total East Africa.



Visit EACOP for more info on EACOP project.https://eacop.com/

Updated: November 15, 2018 — 2:12 PM
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