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Tanzania oil and gas sector Needs Oil and Gas, Too

Oil and natural gas continue to be the cost-effective source of energy to electric power, industrial and residential sectors.

Beside from producing natural gas that used as cost-effective source of energy to electric power, industrial, commercial and residential sector, Tanzania’s oil and gas use oil and natural gas in its own operation.

Tanzania’s oil and  gas sector use a large amount of oil and natural gas in developing, extracting, processing and transporting oil and natural gas to the end users.

  Where Oil And Natural Gas Are Used?

1.Getting oil and natural gas out of the ground.
The first place oil and natural gas used is during extraction of oil and natural gas. In getting oil and natural gas out of the ground.

Much of the energy is used in the drilling operation. A drilling rig (Facility that used to drill oil and gas wells) must  have a power system. The power system is mainly  diesel-electric generator that is a source of power to the entire rig.


Also the increasing of enhanced oil recovery activities, heat is injected into the well, that reduces the viscosity of the well and pushes the oil and gas in the producing wells. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as miscible fluid is injected to the well to increase the amount of the oil and gas that can be extracted from the well.

2.Getting Oil and Natural gas to the Market
The huge amount of oil and natural gas are needed in delivering the oil, natural gas, and their products to the end users.

perhaps you have been seen are the large truck tanker that delivers oil products to the petrol stations around the town.
The truck tankers are diesel and petrol powered. Those diesel and petrol are the source of energy.
The pipeline also carry natural gas from the source and the storage tank s to the utilization point such as power plants, factories, homes, and offices.


Final Words

Tanzania’s oil and gas need more oil and gas  to help in its own operation such as discovering, developing, extraction , processing and transportation those resource to customers.




Updated: May 24, 2018 — 11:00 AM
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