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Tanzania’s Thirst For Gas

By Hussein Boffu
Energy is the main driver for the industrialized economies. Despite massive gas discovery in the country, Tanzania’s gas need is much greater than its proven gas reserves which are about 57 trillion cubic feet (1.61 trillion cubic meters) of gross recoverable of gas resources.

The country’s vision is to become the industrialize middle-income economy in the year 2025. To reach such height the government goal is the industrial sector to contribute 15% of the GDP in 2020 compared to 7.3% of the GDP contributed 2015.

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But for the country to be considered industrialized, an affordable and reliable power supply is essential. And the gas is the main source of the energy for electricity generation.
London-based Business Monitor International (BMI) point out that Tanzania gas consumption reached 1.3 bn m³ (45.9bn ft³) in 2016. The demand for gas is accelerating even the gas producers struggling to keep up.

The Albert-based firm Wentworth resources that has a stake in Mnazi Bay gas field, foresee the growth gas demand in Tanzania in the full year 2018
The strong gas growth supported by increasing industrialization and power demand in the country.
The extension of Kinyerezi -2 gas-fired plant and the commencement of gas-fired power generation at Dangote cement drive the gas demand in the region.

Tanzania power generation capacity is 4150 MW. And the government target to reach 30000MW in 2020. This is an opportunity for those seeking to meet the country ’s high gas demand.
For quite sometimes now, Tanzania has been relying on hydropower that scarce in drought and result in the frequent power failure. The government can’t solve the energy challenge own its own. The private sector has to shoulder the responsibility to achieve the industrialized economy.

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Updated: March 9, 2018 — 2:59 AM
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