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5+ Main Areas Of Investment With  High Return In Tanzania

Do you look for the less risk and high return investment opportunity? Are you cracking your brain to find the perfect business and investment opportunities?

If you answer “Yes” to either questions, stay alert you will start to see the main of high return investment in Tanzania.

These are the areas most of the Tanzanians millionaire, a person such as Mohamed Dewij, Ally Awadhi, make billions of shillings annually.

But never misunderstand me. This isn’t the investments of the rich only with deep pocket. Regardless of your status, background or where you come from you will find the opportunity that may be best for you.
I recommend to read this article, from sentence to sentence, all the way to the end.. And once you finish take immediate action.

Table of Content.

1, Oil and Gas

2. Real Estate

3. Alternative Energy

4. Agriculture

5. Stock Investment

6.Gold, Iron, Nickel and other precious metals

7. Conclusion

1.Oil and Gas
It does n’t take an advanced degree to recognize that, oil and gas have made individual wealthy and bring huge profit to companies. The demand for oil and gas is accelerating in Tanzania.
Tanzania gas consumption reached 1.7bn m³ in 2017.And the demand is increasing at a rapid pace even gas producer struggling to keep up.

Tanzanian consume 32 million liters of oil in 2017. This is a big number. And the country ’s oil and gas need continue to climb as economy and population expand. That is why Ally Awadh a Tanzania 36-year-old, built $1 billion (revenues) selling petroleum products such as diesel, petrol, cooking gas and so on.

But trading petroleum product is only one of generating income in oil and gas.

Here are 15+ Industries That Have Most Opportunities Right Now In Tanzania And Will Work Long In The Future

Advantages of oil and gas investment

  • High return


  • The oil and gas is volatile with extreme ups and down
  • It highly government regulated

2.Real Estate,
The margin is high for property investment. If you are looking to earn passive income, come into the real estate business.

All you need to do is buying a piece of land, build house apartment, offices and earn rental income. Or you can buy the existing property, you improve it and earn rental income.
Urbanization and rapid population growth trigger the demand for the real estate business in Tanzania.

3.Alternative /Renewable energy.
The reliable and affordable power supply is a major challenge in Tanzania. For thousands of years, Tanzania has been relying on water power and heavy oil for generating electricity.

But since water may scarce in drought condition. And the heavy oil pollutes environment so the additional energy that is environment-friendly are needed to generate electricity. So here are alternative energy opportunities in Tanzania:

  • Geothermal energy
    Is the source of energy by pumping the heated underground water or stem to the surface
  • Solar Energy

You can invest in solar energy that comes from the sun. This energy can be directly converted into electricity

  • Wind

This is when wind turbine to convert energy into electricity.

  • Biofuel

You can produce electricity from the plants. Also, biofuel made from plants can be used to produce electricity.

Advantages of Alternative energy investment

  • High return.
  • Easy to implement as the government support these initiatives.


  • It requires initial investment is high.
  • You need to have a large piece of land as some alternative energy investment like solar require a large area to collect solar energy.

The agriculture is the largest employer in Tanzania, it contributed 65 percent of the GDP in the economy.

If Agriculture is interested you, then you can come in and give it ago.

Tanzania land is fertile and many people are making fortune farming both cash and food crops such as cashew nuts, coffee, cotton, maize, fruits, just to mention few.So with proper planning chances are, you will be in profitable business.

Advantages of agriculture investment

  • Easy to invest because of the low cost of acquiring land in Tanzania.


5.Stock investment
Another area that brings a solid return in Tanzania is buying company share.Many companies sell their share in Dar es salam stock exchange (DSE).

Recently Vodacom announced to sell its shares where thousands of Tanzania flocking to buy them.

Advantage of Stock Investment

  • Easy to invest as you can start with little cash and earn substantial profit.


  • The stock market is volatile. Once market goes down your investment can liquify
    The cost of land is very

6.Gold, Iron, Nickel and other precious metals
Tanzania is blessed with a variety of minerals ranging from Gold, gemstones, Tanzanite, Ruby, Diamond, Tanzanite, copper Iron just to mention a few.

Tanzania stands 5th position for Gold production in Africa.The recent studies point out that, there is reserves  of 428m tons of coal at Mchuchuma and 126m tons of iron at Liganga .
Here the list of businesses to do Tanzania mining sector.10 profitable Mining Business Opportunities And Ideas In Tanzania


You can make fortune in any of these areas. So pick one area of investment that make sense to your situation, go out there and make it happen,

There is no bad or risk investment. But there is risk investor. Because is the person  who behind investment or business  that make a particular investment profitable.


Dear reader  I would love to hear your thought on 5+ Main Areas Of Investment With  High Return In Tanzania    . Let me know your thought by leaving your comment below.



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