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10 Tried and True Tactics For Generating More Leads and Sales In Tanzania

Sales is a lifeblood of your business. Without sales, no cash flow and without cash flow no business. In other words, sales are an oxygen of your business.
If you want to generate more sales for products and services in Tanzania, then here are 10 proven ways that will skyrocket your sales.
1. Networking.
Trust and relationship are what drives modern business. People prefer to do business with people they like and trust. So networking is a key to success. If you develop a relationship with your prospects and client there is a greater chance they will reward you a sales.

2. Telemarketing.
The smartest way to generate more leads and sales is to have a list of pros[ect and set up them a call for a face to face meeting.
To make this work for you.

  • Make a list of individuals or business you want to reach out. Make sure you have a good list.
  • Start reaching out. Now you have a good list and get them on call to set up an appointment. Don’t be scared because you offer products and services that are valuable to them. Resolve yourself at this moment to ask for the business. The goal here is to book for an appointment.
  • Prepare Sales Script. If they offer you an appointment, organize sales script of the products and services that will hook your prospect.
  • Follow Up. And Follow up again. In case your prospect says to you they are busy. Never give up. follow up them after 3 to 7 days.

3. Strategic Alliance
This is when you join forces with other business and pull up all of your resources, experience capital and expertise to help each other.

If you join up with other business you form bonding capacity that each business could not have individually.

As you will be marketing as the one-stop shop you form great capacity to help outperform the competition and generate more sales. To stand out in this tactic make sure the alliance is a win-win situation

4. Distributor or Agent.
• This is a quick way to move your products in Tanzania. This is strategies where you generate sales for your services or products via an individual or business.

When you are picking an agent, considering the reputation of the individual or business you want to work with.
• Because if you’re an agent has the poor reputation it will decrease your business credibility as well.


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5. Online presence/web
In today information age. I call it “Smartphone age” clients are online researching for the products or services before making a buying decision.

Engineers visit online to search for the specification of tools and equipment they want before they suggest them to their managers.

So if you don’t have an online presence for your business, you are losing huge business.

The world is changing too fast and today, each business should treat a website as a part of their sales team that generally lead to a business.

Remember people don’t go online to buy, but they visit online to research.

So set up a website for your business and update your website with informative article explain the benefit of the services and products you offer or simply post a press release about your business.

6.Sales representative.
Hiring sales representative is the best strategies to generates more sales. Let them be sales representative and pay them a commission based on the sales they made.

Draw up an agreement with the percentage they earn for sales they make. Keep them focused with sales and avoid to burdened them with a lot of paperwork.

7.Magazine advertising.
Many online magazines sell ads space. You have the option to buy banner ads space to advertise your products and services.

As these magazines attract a lot of readers, you will generate more sales as the people who read the magazine get attention to the ads.

To succeed in this strategy, set up your advert with words that hook customers and include your contact details, so the customers can contact you directly to make a purchase. Never treat advertising as expenses but regard it as an investment.

8. Product release.
In this tactics, you generate leads and sales by reaching out to online trade magazine and ask them to send them your product release as free advertising.

So try to reach out to any trade magazine that you think your target customers must be reading such magazine and ask the editor to publish your product release.

You can send us (Tanzania petroleum) your product release or technical article will publish and promote it to our audience as long as we feel it’s good information to our audience.

So include your name, address and phone number of your company so as people you care about can read the information.

9.Attend trade show and events,
Look for the trade show that resonates with your business. Research who will be the participants. And once you attend collect contact of the people or business you would like to work with.

10. Referral
This is a cost-effective way to make more sales is through word of mouth. If you have a friend know someone else in the companies, reach out to him and ask him to introduce the client. Always reward those people who introduce you to your target customers.

What to do Next.
I have described 10 lead and sales generation strategies that will generate you more sales. So pick 5 that make sense for your ideal products and service. And put to them to use right now. I promise you will be glad you did.
If you have suggestions, reach out to me via. Hussein. Boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com. I read all the emails

Updated: February 10, 2018 — 4:36 PM
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