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Earn Your First $ 100,000 as Service Provider In The East African Crude Oil Pipeline(EACOP) Project Challenge Announcement

The massive discovery of natural gas in Tanzania and crude oil in Uganda, has made East Africa the hub and lucrative market for investment.

Large investment has been made in East African specifically Uganda and Tanzania after the significant discoveries of gas and oil in the countries.

The 3.5 billion East African Crude Oil pipeline (EACOP) is another the huge project in East Africa.

The pipeline project will increase the inflow of foreign direct investment(FDI) by 60 percent in both countries during the construction phase.

The project provides vast opportunities across the different sector of the economy.
The pipeline will benefit companies, communities, and individuals seeking to utilize opportunity available across all phase of the project.

But the simple truth is that getting the business in the prestigious project like this isn’t simple as it sounds. It seems there are many reputable firms are eyeing to get business in this project. So it needs good strategies, commitment and expertise.

The hard truth is that, lack of information and awareness is the biggest obstacle that will hold back 80 percent of people from participating in the EACOP even if they would like to. This because when it comes to the huge project like this, you will never get the detailed information about the project.

There are some important information restricted by a certain group in the oil and gas. This information is withheld internationally from general public.

If you would like to participate in the EACOP project but don’t know where to get started, don’t worry you are not alone. Many people out there are on your shoes, trying to figure out the best way to be on the EACOP map.

As you know my mission is to help more people participate in the EACOP, I announce Earn Your First $ 100,000 In The EACOP As Service Provider challenge

Here Is What You Will Discover In This Challenges
1. Project Description
2. How pipeline Will be Constructed and Operated
3. Studies and Survey That has been carried out along the pipeline route
4. Financing structure of the project
5. Stages Of The Construction Of The Project
6. List of Temporary and Permanent Facilities That Will be Constructed along the pipeline Route
7. Benefit of the project for the individuals, companies and host countries
8. Purchasing procedure in the EACOP project
9. Powerful strategies to Pursue To pursue Big Opportunities and get repeated business in the project
10. Key business opportunities emerge in the project throughout the life of the project
11. List of goods, tools/Equipment, and services you can offer in the project
12. Contact information

13. The progress and development update of the project

Here is how you can participate in this Challenge.

1.Don’t miss an update.
I will officially launch this challenge on 16th January of 2017. I will post an article each day on this blog for as long as this challenge will be on. So make sure you revisit this blog every now to make sure you are not missing an update.

2. Don’t hesitate for help
As a way to help you get the results, I will be answering all questions related to this challenge. So send your queries via Hussein.boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com

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