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How To Start Oil and Gas Business In Tanzania—–3 steps

People reach out to me and ask, what it takes to set up oil and gas business in Tanzania.

So if you’re thinking and you’re passionate about starting any business in oil and gas sector. Follow these three steps

1:Find a niche
Now, you want to start an oil and gas business, pick a niche. Oil and gas sector is large and it divided into three areas.

Upstream portion of the oil and gas sector involves finding areas where oil and gas resources might be and bring them to the surface. It often called Exploration and production

Midstream part i involve transportation and storage of oil and gas from where is found the place where can be processed and refined

Downstream part this involve converting natural gas and crude oil into finished products such as diesel kerosene, gasoline, lubricant, plastics so as can be used by end user

So what’s your niche, if you pick upstream part of the sector your business might be supplying goods and tools to oil and gas companies, providing maintenance, mechanical and construction services, design pipes, welding and pipe fittings to oil and gas platforms

If you choose midstream as your niche, your business would be, selling gas storage tank, transportation of petroleum product through tankers, selling corrosion inhibitors etc

If you’re telling me your niche will be downstream, your business will be selling products made from oil and natural gas such as diesel, kerosene, cooking gas (LPG), gasoline

From business perception, you can’t serve everyone. You can’t say everyone is your customer. You should narrow your market and pick a specific niche.The more  you narrow your niche, the better you increase your winning chance.


All business need plan, but oil and gas need it more because of the extremely ups and down of the sector. Your plan should define clearly what products and services you are going to offer, you should have a short description that describes what business you are going into. You plan should include your financial projection, market strategies etc. Developing waiting list is the stressful work for many entrepreneurs but if you discipline in doing it you will find it easier than you think. Your plan does not guarantee you success but not having one is the ticket to failure

3:Start-Up Money
Once you have already picked the market you want to focus and you have a plan, next step is to finance your start up. So how do you get money to finance your business? There are the various ways to finance your oil and gas start-up. This includes equity financing and debt financing. However, if you have a detailed plan, you are creative and determined fund will never be a challenge to you.

The simple truth is there are two ways to learn any business.
1. Trial and error—— you start your own business and you learn as you go from both mistakes and success. The disadvantages of this option it would take you longer to succeed and hit your target
2. Find a mentor——– someone who has already been in a business you are going into and gives you guidelines of such business. This is the effective method because you’ll reach your mountaintop faster than you have ever imagined possible. Because they will give you what works and what do not work out. And you get a mentor by books of the subject related to business or field you intend to start oil and gas business is like that

We have a write a book for you and will be released soon. In this book, you will discover

1. How to start oil and gas supply or services business in Tanzania (Including planning your business, market analysis etc)
2. How to be supplier or contractor in oil and gas in Tanzania(including license and permit you need to get started with your oil and gas supply or services business)
3. How To raise money for your oil and gas supply business
4. How to recognize and pursue potential business opportunities in oil and gas sector in Tanzania
5. How to arrange presentation of your goods and services to the oil and gas companies
6. How to register with various oil and gas companies as a VENDOR (supplier or contractor)
7. How to get deals (winning contract and supply) Including preparing and submit acceptable bid
8. How to raise money for your supply or contract
9. List of services and goods and tools you can start to supply in Tanzania oil and gas
10. Main area of business opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania
11. Tips to survive in Tanzania oil and gas sector
12. More interesting business opportunities in oil and gas sector

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