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How To Organize Oil and Gas Event In Tanzania and Make Millions

Oil and gas event is the profitable business in Tanzania. Despite the solid return this business generates, only one local entrepreneur have been participating in organizing oil and gas event in Tanzania.

The lowest price of the last oil and gas event I attended in Tanzania was Usd 300 per ticket.

If you’re running oil and gas events in Tanzania You’re confident to make millions of shillings when you’re going to charge your event at 200Usd, 300usd 400 Usd 500 usd 600usd per ticket

Even international oil companies sponsors may be willing to support your event if they can get good publicity and generate goodwill.

Why Hosting Oil and Gas Event Is The Fantastic Business In Tanzania
To be completely transparent, our industry is operating in challenging business environment, the local content development, capacity building to local suppliers, small business owner and participation of our inexperienced youth to work in the oil and gas industry is substantial challenges that require serious discussion with stakeholders in the industry.Not to mention f fall and rise of crude oil price in the global market can lead new opportunity and challenge as well. This makes the high demand of oil and gas event business because people need to be aware of the current trend in Tanzania’s oil and gas and share their views.

But no doubt, the oil, and gas sector is infancy stage in Tanzania, In this regards, many Tanzanians are keen to keep updated about all the on-going in the oil and gas industry. In reality, it can be a little bit frustrating to gather oil and gas information by oneself. Because It’s time taking some time is difficult to get some important oil and gas information on your own.


Also, they value connections they get by attending oil and gas events. Because many of these industry events are open to all industry professionals and stakeholders
They attend to uncover opportunities emerging in the Tanzania’s oil and gas sectors, some people attend to make new contact for making career change

But also, Tanzanians, international individuals, and companies believe oil and gas events are ideal to meet new clients, vendors, and partners.

So you can organize your oil and gas event in Tanzania and make handsome money as well.
Oil and gas event is the big dollar business and can make one billionaire if you plan well your event and you know how to play your game very smart.

So hosting oil and gas events is your chance to make real money from the oil and gas sector in Tanzania even in bad economy. But it needs a lot more preparation.So you can sell more tickets if you do it in right way. But it is not one man thing as it needs to be carefully planned.

Would you love to run your own oil and gas event for people in Tanzania? Here are the tips.

1.Find the right venue
The location plays important role when choosing the venue. It must be easily reachable, It should have sufficient car parking and easy access by public transport.In other words, location should be attractive and prestigious to attendees.

Schedule your oil and gas event when most people will be able to attend.The best time to host your oil and gas event is at the early months of the year or towards the end of the year because at this time people are free to spend their money.

3.Pick great industry speakers
Look for the popularity of the speakers, are they have physical experience in the oil and gas industry? The professional speakers will increase the reputation of your events and get more participants.

Plan the budget for hosting your event including entry fee, drinks food, advert company sponsorship etc

Final Words
Even in the bad economy where many businesses fail, an employee gets fired. But still Tanzanian individual and company needs to network, grab new opportunities in this industry, get clients, partners or even make career change into oil and gas industry

You can lose money and ruin your reputation in running unsuccessful event but well-organized oil and gas event raise you billions of shillings beyond your expectation




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Updated: February 10, 2017 — 4:53 PM
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