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How To Get Your Dream Job In Oil and Gas Sector In Tanzania


Those getting a job in Oil and gas companies, multinational and other Tanzanian oil and gas companies are not necessarily better  or smarter than you’re. They are ordinary person like me and you. Now you can learn how they get good job and you’re not getting any.


In this article you will learn  how to get access to the secret technique how to get your dream job in the highly competitive Tanzania’s oil and gas market.


Dear Future Tanzanian oil and gas workers,

About 3 years ago when you tried to picture where you will be this year. What did you see?


You saw yourself working with reputable oil and gas companies earning huge salary and riding a nice car, Right? In other words you live the life you desire.

But today?  Mhmh…! The reality is different,  the reality does no agree with your dreams.

You still have not gotten the job you want- even after submitted many job applications.


You still have not implement big plans have in your life. And you’re  still not financially capable to play “big brother/sisters” to your youngers and relatives.

Your parents haven’t started enjoying the fruits of their hard work, and perhaps you still fall back on them for some financial assistance


Are you sick and tired of being asked “So what are you doing? Because your mouth have no answer like I’m still searching for”

And your hope of getting a job in oil and gas die day by day.You confusing the most with these increasing number of graduates and reducing jobs available

Here’s a the Reality.

Not being unemployed makes you feel bad.

You’re feeling bad because you think like you’ve no power or control over your life.

And it leads you to feel like a FAILURE as an ADULT.


If I ask, do you know why you haven’t gotten a job  in oil and gas yet?

I know your response will be:

  1. I do  not have any connection”
  2. “My GAP was quite Low”
  3. “I have low grade”
  4. “I think the course I have is unrelated to oil and gas industry”
  5. “I think I’ have bad lucky”

But here’s a the reasons

Your classmate are getting good job in these international oil and gas companies. And are promoted to higher position. Most of them are raised from ordinary family

With no connections. With poor grades.What’s make them so special? Is it kismet? No.

Now, let me tell you the truth

My friend, it’s not always about connections or your GPA

It’s about doing things right way.

The reason you’re not getting oil and gas jobs is because you’re not doing something right. And result you’re losing your chances to those who are doing right things.

You won’t get the oil and gas job if your using the same approach everybody use.especially with  huge competition out there.

You know what I mean?  Is the approach where you send out resumes/Cv’s to several oil companies and hoping hiring manager will call you back.


This approach will only drain your energy and get you more frastruated.

And Even if this approach works, it does not work for high paying job, it only work for ordinary jobs.

But to get a job in oil and gas sector you must get a knowledge. And you can’t get knowledge by osmosis. You must learn it

Now you can learn to get a high paying job in the oil and gas sector (here in Tanzania)

I have put together an entire book titled “GET HIRED NOW IN TANZANIA’S OIL AND GAS SECTOR” and it’s going to turn your world around in ways you can hardly imagine

This book  designed to educate you  on the technique of getting high paying job in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector

But I will also completely  implant the skills you need to get your dram job into your mind, brain and personality

Here are some of things you will learn in this book.

  1.  Tanzania oil and gas job profile
  2. Basic qualification to get hired in the oil and gas sector
  3. Tips to approach oil and gas companies
  4. Tips to apply for oil and gas jobs
  5. Tips to get internship in the oil and gas sector
  6. A sample resumes that get results
  7. How and where to find oil and gas job opportunities
  8. The best tips to get a job in oil and gas sector
  9. Mistakes that will keep you down from getting job in oil and gas
  10. Things that will boost your job search in oil and gas
  11. How to craft  attention-grabbing  cover letter that stand out from crowd and get interview invitation
  12. A crash course in oil and gas (If you have back ground unrelated to oil and gas will give you crash course presented in simple language to have better understanding of how the oil and gas sector works)

NOTE: All this secrete by experienced oil and gas professionals,Include:

Mark LaCour- (Managing Director of America based company named model point (He has 23 years experience working in different oil and gas company)

Nestroy Phoye-(Managing Director of Recruitment agency  named Proactive solution ltd. His company recruiting Tanzanians and placing them into oil and gas companies)

Here’s how to get this exclusive oil and gas book

To get complete package of the Oil and Gas book on “Get Hired Now In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Sector”

Simply call the following numbers +255655376543 or +255653702878 for ordering instruction. The book price is Tzs 10,0000

Please send your payment including your email to the above number and your book will be delivered  to your email inbox

Hurry and make your order now! Call+25565276543 or +255653702878.


Order your copy of “Get Hired Now In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Sector” and you will get easy to read, eye opening and interesting book in Pdf format ( So you can read on your  PC, tablet or Smartphone)

Please not the ebook is only available in electronic (PDF) version, So no hard copy for now.

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