NOW YOU CAN GET AN INDUSTRY EXPERT/ADVISOR WHO WHO WILL EXPLAIN THINGS IN PERSON:   Get one-on-one interaction with the industry advisor.

What is something you are working right now where  you are confused about how to do it yourself? Or you feel like you don’t have enough information to make the best decision  possible?


I know you have a lot of questions, but you can now get them answered. The knowledge in the oil and gas industry is hard to come by.

There are only few people with relevant expertise. It’s knowledge that you can’t just google. It’s the expertise. The know how.  And we transfer that knowledge to our clients in most efficient way.

What if you would talk to someone  with relevant industry expertise and experience? What if you would talk with someone who is knowledgeable about the oil and gas market in Tanzania and East Africa.

Well, here’s your chance to get an expert advice: An industry advisor who will thoughtfully explain things in person.

We provides our clients  with direct, one-on-one live interaction  with knowledgeable industry experts who can shed light  and provide insights into whatever questions or issue related to the oil and gas industry in Tanzania and Africa. Whether by telephone or in-person

Who We Are?

We an integrated project consulting which provides clients with fast,  flexible access to deep industry knowledge in Tanzania and Africa. So as to help them make the best decision and driving progress.

Why Should You Consult With Us?

With our local knowledge, deep understanding of the oil and gas industry and our access to industry experts that we leverage to help our clients access the industry knowledge and drive progress quickly.

How Much to Consult With Us?

If I were to package all the knowledge our experts  have about the industry into series of reports, you will spend more than USD 5,000,000 on them.

And you will still have to spend hours searching for answers to your questions.

But if you consult with us:

  • You’ll save yourself precious time.
  • You’ll get precise and relevant industry knowledge
  • You will make the best decisions
  • You will make progress quickly
  • You will move your project forward.


Because you’re getting the consultation service:

  • For physical consultation per hour.
  • For phone consultation per hour.

You Can Now Book Consultation With Us?

If you feel like you have insufficient knowledge to make the best  decisions. Reach out to us via +255655376543 or to discuss your knowledge need.