Energy sector Project Governance: the industry doesn’t have a great track record in delivering projects on time or on budget.  In a new low oil price world, getting this right is absolutely essential.  There is  greater scrutiny from investors and regulators: they want to see projects efficiently and effectively delivered.  There is also pressure to unlock value from the portfolio while also minimising risk – not always an easy task.

We have created a programme on energy sector Project Governance in response to requests from those attending our MBA courses. Well-managed projects are a vital way to create value in tough markets.  By working closely with partners and suppliers with properly established governance structures, you are more likely to ensure the successful delivery of a project, at lower cost and reduced risk. This interactive 3 day course will provide you with an excellent understanding of best practice in project governance.

These courses will run in London, Lagos and Jakarta: we will also deliver them as part of our in-house training

For further information please contact or telephone/WhatsApp +255655376543.