Empowering Oil and Gas Leaders of Tomorrow

Developing Industry Leaders of Tomorrow at Universities

Are you an organization who passionate about developing local human capital and become leaders of tomorrow?

If your answer is YES, then this a VERY EXCITING OPPORTUNITY for you.

The “FUTURE OF WORK” is changing, everything we know about a jobs and employability today.

Traditional roles are disappearing, while others are being dramatically transformed.

As a result, industries are now turning into to Graduates with ability to imagine, innovate and invent.

The African Oil and Gas Industry Leaders of Tomorrow was launched. Aimed at equipped the FUTURE INDUSTRY LEADERS with the skills required to succeed.

We seek to create an ENGAGING, EXCITING ENVIRONMENT for working in the oil and gas industry through.

1.World-Class students training programs delivered

2.Exclusive Industry Seminars with INDUSTRY LEADERS PRESENTATION

3.Interactive sessions facilitated and organized by experts designed to stimulate and challenge students.

4. Practical hands on experience through series of SITE and FACILITY VISITS.

UNLEASH THE POWER of knowledge and networking to help develop leaders of tomorrow. And make a difference in our industry’s and our regions proud.

Industry Leaders of tomorrow brings value to both, students and employers alike.  By offering unique skills and capacity building and give employers access to job ready talents.

             Be Part of Shaping Future of Our Industry Leaders and Making a Difference in the industry’s and Region’s Proud


We are looking for partners and associates to work with on sponsorship and course delivery

Partners :  We are seeking industry partners and sponsors, including individuals, to financially support DILOT, guide it, and ensure the program continues to succeed

Associates, who are experienced course instructors, who are able to deliver our courses and in some cases, their own course.

If you are interested to be part of shaping Future of Our Industry leaders  and making a difference feel free to contact Hussein Boffu,Founder, African Oil and Gas Industry Leaders of Tomorrow via hussein.boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com or +255655376543

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