Tanzania oil and gas is lucrative and rewarding sector. And with many new oil and gas projects are coming online, many people with their own motivation and reasons look to break into oil and gas sector.

Many people out there  are keen on making transition to provide services or supply product in total oil and gas  supply chain.

But the simple truth is getting client in the oil and gas  industry  can be a bit frustrating.

Particularly if you’re looking to work with the largest oil and gas companies like Statoil, BG, Exxon Mobil, Total etc.

But if you give me a few minutes to read this article you will be in good position to supply even with such major oil and gas companies. Only you need is a good approach.

To be honest, there is a different routes to break into Tanzania’s oil and gas sector, because they need  wide ranges of services and products from foods, logistics, construction services, security human resources services of all kinds.

Recently, I heard about a woman who owned a video production company, And he finally managed to offer her video production services to the International oil company-Shell. Now let dig a little dipper

#1:Narrow your target
The best things you should do in the first place is to realize who is your really customer. You can’t sell to all oil and gas companies operating in Tanzania, you must have a list of companies you’re interested in working with.

With the list of companies you love to work with, you stand the best chance to know how to keep in touch with them.

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Then research about the companies, know the areas they have operations in Tanzania, are they explore or producing oil and gas in Tanzania?So look their website and look at their current trends or press release.

#2:Build Relationship
In  reality, oil and gas are the people industry, and the relationship is the key. In this industry, people want to work or doing business with people they like and they trust.

So doing whatever it takes to build a strong relationship with the employees, and other key people inside the company.

And the best place to meet with these people is the industry events  or ask people who already know you to connect with people in the industry. Remember network is all about helping others.

#3:Value addition
All the facts mentions above will never work out if you don’t have something valuable to offer others. You might send the email to hundreds of oil and gas companies but If you don’t know how to add value you will never get any response.Yes, even a single one.

Many people may reach these oil and gas companies and say “I have logistic and transportation company so I can offer you transport services for your staff and equipment from the office to the site” The company might let  say “No,  we already have many people who offer us those services”.

I read recently on the internet,   Statoil company  receive 1400 invoice each day. So how to stand out from the crowd .You need unique approach –And that’s value addition. You should focus on how they can benefit from hiring your services, focus on the solution you can bring on the table.

If you like some people who attend oil and gas conferences, and once they meet new people they just say “ Hello I’m running a food company we can offer you with food services” This kind of approach might take you longer to get the response you deserve. You should give the details solution on how they can prove.

#4:Follow Up
The normal reaction for a human being is to give up when we never get the response we want. So if you reach out a company or a person and they never feed you back,send follow up email.

The oil and gas expert are super busy. But never be a supplier who many oil and gas companies avoid. Those suppliers who send or call them every now. You send them an email even in the night while they enjoy with their family. So after 1-2 week if you don’t get the response follow up them.

#5:Be patient
Sometimes it might be a bit frustrating when you approach several companies and no tender forthcoming. I have only two words for you. BE PATIENTSo never quit until you get the reward.
The good news is this industry pays a lot, But once you quit you will never get into the industry or even reap the huge reward from Tanzania’s oil and gas booming industry.

Is All Up To You
Now go out there, and make it happen. But because I’m saying it’s your responsibility, does not mean you should go alone.

Only a few people achieve great things on their own. The good news is, Tanzania’s oil and gas sector have a lot of people with BIG heart, they remember people who sacrifice to help them get where they are today. With a good approach, you’re into the industry

Any comment. Suggestions, question? If you have something feel free to ask me. I will be glad to answer you. Or just drop your comments below
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Hussein Boffu is a business consultant with experience in the oil and gas(energy)industry, business strategy development, business planning, research, due diligence, sales and marketing, project coordination, supplies and equipment procurement. He has a passion to help entrepreneurs and businesses in the energy sector to build, grow, and develop sustainable, profitable enterprises. So that they can create more employment and provide a good life for their families, employees, and communities. He can be reached via or Text/Call/WhatsApp +255(0)655376543