An employee walks down stairs on the Armada gas condensate platform, operated by BG Group Plc, in the North Sea, off the coast of Aberdeen, U.K., on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015. Royal Dutch Shell Plc got clearance from antitrust authorities in China for the takeover of BG Group Plc, removing the final regulatory hurdle for its biggest-ever deal. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images


Have you ever  feel?

You write the great resume, You have great grades, You have practical experiences,

But that’s not all

You send resume to hundreds of oil companies, You ask referrals for friends and relatives

People tell you oil and gas industry is a highly paid sector. So You want to get job into oil and gas industry

But you’re simply not getting the response you deserve, Nobody calls for an interview, no one values your qualification and experiences. You feel your effort are not paying off

Very  , very  frustrating

You feel you’re wasted. The situation is even worse when you hear oil companies have pause hiring faces low crude price.

Don’t worry

Lots people face the same struggle. Is there any best way for recent environment to get into oil and gas industry?

Yeah: there is a way. And it comes down to this

Why the current situation of oil and gas jobs it’s terrible? It’s simple, the reason is cheap crude oil prices

Have you already hear about that? Right!

That means crude oil price below $ 50 per barrel. And for this reason, 2015 has been difficult year in the oil and gas industry

What oil and gas company have been doing since price falling in mid-2014? They just fire employees to cope with low oil prices

  • Oil layoff hits 200,000 in October 2015 and here are results of laid off workers in giants oil and gas companies
  • Schlumberger has fired more than 20,000 approximately 15% of its staff
  •   Halliburton has laid off 18,000 employee
  • Weatherford has laid off 14,000 workers
  • Baker Hughes – 13,000 employees has laid off
  • Royal dutch shell-70,000

Note, In the figure above including Tanzanian


Still there open door for you                                            

 Although oil companies have been slow down in hiring, the future oil and gas jobs market are interesting. Employees retired, others are terminated. Guess what will happen? New talents would be in dire demand to fill vacant positions. And the door will be open for you especially when crude prices goes up.

Where are oil and gas are currently booming (best way to get into the industry)
Can you manage to wait until the oil price pick up? In the situation you want living, you want to pay the bill, you want to go the beach with your loved one? Yes, you can’t

What if I told you some place currently oil and gas jobs are booming?

If you focus on the upstream segment (exploration and production sector) of the industry to look for jobs,

 Schlumberger would not listen to you, Halliburton would not listen to you, baker Hughes the same.

If oil and gas industries are your passion I recommend you to go in the downstream sector(refining sector) is where there are hope to find new jobs!

Downstream sector is currently booming benefit from access cheap oil.

Why is refining sector booming? It’s simple! Because that’s how works.

Downstream sector is dealing with selling of petroleum products like diesel, gasoline, lubricants etc. However, the current low crude prices do not hurt them as they generate windfall profit

Struggling to get the job into oil and gas industry?
Yes, You have no alternative but to go into refining sector. Because the sector has been booming and hope for a new position available.

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