Transforming People From Just Followers to Top- Performers

Training& Courses

We offer training programs and short courses that on  improving human  performance in the workplace by both increasing staff productivity and enhance business profitability. Aim is to develop world-class professionals who will manage and develop oil and gas resources with quality and safety of international standards for the benefits of the business communities and countries.

Our training and courses are linked directly to organizational goals,  objectives and responsive to the industry needs.

Click the link below to get general overview of the course offered.

  1. Production Training Courses
  2. Drilling Training Courses
  3. Geoscience Training Courses
  4. Safety/HSE Training Courses
  5. IT Training Courses

Candidate Enrollment

If you require or interested in our course, we advise you to consider the following aspects:

• What topics you want covered
• Locations for course – online or onsite at your work place or hired venue?
• How many people will be attending?

5 Step Training Process:
Step 1: We check your specific requirements via a phone consultation
Step 2: We submit a detailed proposal to suit your training requirements
Step 3: A specific trainer or trainers will be specifically allocated to your project
Step 4: We take care of all the essentials on the day
Step 5: Every course is evaluated to help you assess the effectiveness of the course and identify whether any further support is required

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