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Training& Courses

We offer training programs and short courses that focused on  improving human  performance in the workplace by both increasing staff productivity and enhance business profitability.

Our training and courses are linked directly to organization goals, business objectives and responsive to the industry needs

Here are courses:

A.Exploration and Development Courses

  •  Pertel 3D static Modelling
  • 3D fracture modelling using Pertel
  • Seismic data acquisition design (5 days)
  • Seismic acquisition operation and management
  • Seismic data processing (5 days)
  • Seismic data depth imaging processing course 1  (10 days)
  • Practical data depth imaging processing course 2 (5 days)
  • Practical depth conversation and Depth imaging for an interpreter (5 days)
  • Seismic velocity and depth conversation

B.Production Courses:

  • Well planning & Engineering
  • Electrical Submersible Pumps
  • Process Operations Troubleshooting
  • Surface Production Facilities
  • Offshore operation
  • Advanced Operation Skills
  • Beam pump

C. Reservoir Courses

  • Reserves estimation
  • Reserves Simulation
  • Reservoir management
  • Advanced coring& Core Analysis
  • Cased hole drills stem testing
  • Well test design& Analysis

D.  Drilling Courses

  • Directional, Horizontal and Multi-Lateral Drilling (Five days course) in which a PC based simulator is used to drill a well in a real life.
  • Stuck Pipe Prevention & Fishing Operation. (A  stuck pipe is a three days course) which can be extended with two days Fishing and Remedial Operations. This is a course that also can be delivered at the rig site.
  • Drill String Design: this is also a five day course that focusses on all drill string components and their use and combinations. This can be finetuned to any specific application in a certain


Our Instructors

Joseph (Jos) Buntinx is an independent well engineering consultant and trainer. He was involved since 1992 in leading the Directional Drilling training courses for Shell E&P in the Netherlands, USA and Brunei. He has also been actively engaged as a consultant for NIRAS, EDS, Gaz de France, Neddrill, Maersk, Crosco, ADCO, Saudi Aramco and Santos. Prior to his current consulting and training role, he was the International Training Manager for Smith International (now Schlumberger) responsible for technical training in all aspects of drilling engineering for personnel in the eastern hemisphere. He was also responsible in setting up the International Training Centre in Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands. From 1986 to 1992 he was the Operations Manager for Smith International in the Netherlands and Denmark, responsible for all directional and MWD operations in the Netherlands and Denmark. His team drilled the first long reach records in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

Joseph Buntinx holds a degree in architecture and civil engineering from the University Hasselt, Belgium and a degree in drilling engineering from the Institut Français du Pétrôle in France


Mohamed Mahgoub obtained his MSC Degree in petroleum Geoscience in 2018 from UTP (University Technology PETRONAS), Malaysia. He has worked as a geophysicist for 17 years in CGG (Seismic Contractor) (1990-2006) in different overseas assignments, and then he has joined ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) in the Exploration division in September 2006. He is now working as Geophysics Specialist in ADNOC Technical Center, his main duties are to follow up and conduct QC/QA the seismic data pro/ reprocessing projects with seismic Contractors. He is also supervising the in-house seismic data processing unit in ADNOC HQ. He has presented in regional and international conferences and he has published in June 2017 a paper about “Taking seismic acquisition artefacts beyond mitigation in the EAGE First Break


Enrolment Procedure, Scheduled Dates and Cost of the Program

For queries regarding Enrolment Scheduled Dates and Cost of the Program, mail us with Program Titles, Product Form, Applicant Name, Company/ College name & Mobile WhatsApp number at or +255655376543

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