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Training& Courses

Courses and Training 

Training are as follows:

A.Exploration and Development Courses

  •  Pertel 3D static Modelling
  • 3D fracture modelling using Pertel
  • Seismic data acquisition design (5 days)
  • Seismic acquisition operation and management
  • Seismic data processing (5 days)
  • Seismic data depth imaging processing course 1  (10 days)
  • Practical data depth imaging processing course 2 (5 days)
  • Practical depth conversation and Depth imaging for an interpreter (5 days)
  • Seismic velocity and depth conversation

B.Production Courses:

  • Well planning & Engineering
  • Electrical Submersible Pumps
  • Process Operations Troubleshooting
  • Surface Production Facilities
  • Offshore operation
  • Advanced Operation Skills
  • Beam pump

C. Reservoir Courses

  • Reserves estimation
  • Reserves Simulation
  • Reservoir management
  • Advanced coring& Core Analysis
  • Cased hole drills stem testing
  • Well test design& Analysis

D.  Drilling Courses

  • Drilling Principles& Practice
  • Basic Directional Drilling
  • Stuck Pipe& Fishing Operation
  • Bit, Casing&Well design
  • Wireline & Formation evaluation

Enrolment Procedure, Scheduled Dates and Cost of the Program

For queries regarding Enrolment Scheduled Dates and Cost of the Program, mail us with Program Titles, Product Form, Applicant Name, Company/ College name & Mobile WhatsApp number at or +255655376543

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