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Who Else Wants To Make Millions In The Oil and Gas In Tanzania

  Tanzania has considerable business opportunities for everyone in its gas plays.  Fortunately, you can approach such  business even without  any cash into your pocket. Yes, you read that right. Money is nothing to begin the business. The key to succeed and failure in the Oil and Gas business is information If you’ve right information […]

The Greatest Effort Of Statoil To Serve Tanzanian Youth

In the context of massive natural gas (and hopefully oil) following the findings of immense commercial quantities in various parts of Tanzania including Mtwara, Lindi Mkuranga and cost regions The best part of us expect the proportion of Tanzanian youth in the natural gas sector to increase Substantially.However, This is likely to happen downstream in […]

Information Gap: Lesson From Ghanaian Oil Sector

After joining the league of oil producing nations, Ghana’s uphill task was to manage the high expectation that suddenly oil discovery holds the panacea for the country problems— from unemployment to more revenue translating to huge economic gains. The high expectations were as a result of the unavailability of information to Ghanaians and even prospective […]

Export pipeline needed for east Africa production boom

  With recoverable oil reserve estimates of approximately 750 and 600 MMbbl in Uganda and Kenya respectively, and with government share of the reserves expected to be about 30–50%, the potential impact on economic development in these countries could be great. However, new infrastructure, including an export pipeline, is required to enable commercialization of these […]

Tanzania oil and gas industry and what you need to know to engage the industry

Is doing business in Tanzanian oil and gas industry interest you?. Do you fancy for job in Tanzania oil and gas industry? Don’t worry, To participate in Tanzania oil and gas industry is not hard as it looks. However unless you have detailed information you will never participate in the industry. It hurts me to […]

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