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Despite oil glut, Tullow launches huge new deepwater production vessel

Amid one of the deepest oil price crashes in history, Britain’s Tullow Oil (TLW.L) is sending one of the world’s biggest floating deep-water oil production platforms to West Africa to pump crude for at least 20 years. The 340-metre long production vessel, named after late Ghanaian president Prof John Evans Atta Mills, was converted in Singapore […]

Staffing services-Lucrative investment opportunities in Tanzanian Oil and Gas sector

wish to earn money by investing in Tanzanian oil and gas sector? Look for investment opportunities in Tanzanian gas sector that will result in mediocre return? All fair questions, And in the next minutes I will answer all What is staffing services?- quick definition means you help oil companies find temporary local workers. Owing the […]

As hydropower dries up, Tanzania moves towards fossil fuels

 As drought continues to cripple its hydropower plants, Tanzania is struggling to produce enough electricity — and is moving towards using more fossil fuels to make up the shortfall. Hydropower plants normally produce about 35% of Tanzania’s electricity needs, with gas and oil plants making up most of the difference. But as demand grows and […]

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