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Our Services


1.Speaking Engagements

Hussein Boffu  is sought after for his inspiring and insightful keynote speeches at conferences and marketing events. Strong demand for  Hussein’s expertise, in the Oil and Gas industry, has seen him presenting as a keynote speaker in various venues for clients including Serena Hotel with Tanzanite C.E.O executive  , Mlimani City with Expo Group.


Make your event a resounding success with speaker Hussein Boffu’s compelling and inspirational presentations.



2.Advisory Services

Beyond speaking engagements, Hussein offer One to one advice, mentoring   and specific guidance especially in oil and gas on:

  • bid submission and post contract services
  • Sales and business development
  • Social media, marketing and



3.Training.  Business training in  Health, safety, bids  contracts, ethics, financial management, human resources and marketing



Advertise *with Tanzaniapetroleum.com* and Get your product and services in front of oil and gas professionals, industry stakeholders and those businessmen with a keen interest in oil and gas in Tanzania and East Africa.

For quite some time now *Tanzaniapetroleum.com* has been helping individual and company such as CWC group Limited (http://www.thecwcgroup.com/)to promote their products and service to our key customers 90% of Tanzania petroleum traffic percent is coming from the Google searches, where Tanzania petroleum is normally in the first ten of listings for related topics in Tanzania.

We also have an attractive Facebook and Twitter presence that refers numerous visitors.

1. * Email Marketing*

Email marketing is the most effective way to market your products and services as allows the marketer to bypass third parties and communicate directly with your key customers. With our extensive mailing list made up of oil and gas professionals

2.Banner ads

To order any of the above services, send an  email at info@tanzaniapetroleum.com or WhatsApp +255655376543 

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