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Our Services

 Business development consulting

We assist you in  network and grow their contacts in the region, possibly in a business development role.We introduce you to the existing operating companies and offer you set up strategic meeting with companies operating in Tanzania and local  businessmen


2.Setting Up Business In Tanzania.

We help in the entire process to establish company in Tanzania

  • Open company
  • preparing of the registration document  and register a business with Business Registration  and Licensing (BRELA) Agency

3. Website Design

Stop wasting time on cold calls. Get a website that brings prospects straight to you. Speak to the real problems you solve in the marketplace. Scale your revenue growth strategies and capture competitor market share.

To order any of the above services, send an  email at info@tanzaniapetroleum.com or WhatsApp +255655376543 


Advertise *with Tanzaniapetroleum.com* and Get your product and services in front of oil and gas professionals, industry stakeholders and those businessmen with a keen interest in oil and gas in Tanzania and East Africa.

For quite some time now *Tanzaniapetroleum.com* has been helping individual and company such as CWC group Limited (http://www.thecwcgroup.com/)to promote their products and service to our key customers 90% of Tanzania petroleum traffic percent is coming from the Google searches, where Tanzania petroleum is normally in the first ten of listings for related topics in Tanzania.

We also have an attractive Facebook and Twitter presence that refers numerous visitors.

If you would like to market with us please consider our offer below in our straightforward Media Pack with prices in USD:

1. * Email Marketing*

Email marketing is the most effective way to market your products and services as allows the marketer to bypass third parties and communicate directly with your key customers. With our extensive mailing list made up of oil and gas professionals, executives and businessmen we can offer you an opportunity to sponsor this email with a foot banner included.

*Price*:$75 per 1000 recipients

*2.Banner Advertising*
*Tanzaniapetroleum.com* always offers advertising space to market your products and services.

*Price: *Various size available on the sidebar from $ 25 per week and $ 50
per month.

(The blog and homepage are the only pages currently available and prices are the same for each page.)

*Advertising on with Tanzaniapetroleum.com is simple.*

1. Make your payment to the bank account mentioned below.
2. Design your advert in JPG, PGN, JMPG, and send it in attachment to
info[at]tanzaniapetroleum.com (make sure you follow the best practice in
ad design)

Once we have your advert and verify your payment, your advertisements will be live.

For the international respondents, please client send us an email at info@tanzaniapetroleum.com and we will advertise the best payment option

If you desire special position or possible discount, you can send us email
stating your budget and size and we’ll take it from there.

Email your advert inquiries to info@tanzaniapetroleum.com

Disclaimer: Tanzania Petroleum is candid about the services and activities and also we are candid about our webs sophistication and data protection. First of all, we will make available for clients rudimentary factual visitor data but must advise that we are limited to basic data as the site maintenance and other professional services are all done in-house. As such, our presentation of data may not achieve the levels of professionalism of major European web administration norms.

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