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Services We Offer

At Tanzania Petroleum, we also offer various services to different people.

The following are the services we offer:

Mechanical Services

  1. Mechanical fabrication and welding. Repairs and minor modifications.
  2. Off-Stream inspection of vessels; Pressure vessels internal cleaning and hydro-test.
  3. Valves maintenance services – sealant injection and greasing.
  4. Pipeline pigging – de-watering pig and intelligent pig.
  5. Installation/Mechanical fitting, torquing and de-commissioning activities.
  6. Scaffolding – Erection and dismantling.

Supply Services:

  1. Oil and gas tools, equipment and materials.
  2. Drilling chemicals and fluids.
  3. Corrosion inhibitors.
  4. Rig wash/detergent
  5. Personal Protective Equipment
  6. Fire fighting equipment.
  7. H2S monitoring devices and breathing apparatus.

Technical Services

  1. Website design and development.
  2. Digital marketing and consultation.

Writing Services

  1. Article/Blog Post Writing: Do you need oil and gas articles for your blog, website, or magazine? Tanzania Petroleum got you covered. With the expertise of an oil and gas persona and the succintness of an editor, your website will blossom with content.
  2. Sales Copy Writing: Have you ever read a page on Tanzania Petroleum that wowed you, made you buy, and coming for more? You also can have the same on your website or blog or even your magazine. Hire us for sales copies that convert.
  3. Email Newsletter Writing: Do you have a large audience but no content to engage them via newsletter? Hire us. With our sales copy, articles, and email newsletter writing services, your audience will be engaged and will come back to you for more.
  4. Sponsored Posts: On The Tanzania Petroleum Blog, you have the opportunity to have your article seen by our audience. We won’t do more than four sponsored posts in a month, but if it’s something we think our audience needs, we can consider your offer. Please note that sponsored posts comes with a “[sponsored]” tag in the title and a disclaimer after the post.
  5. Sponsored Email Newsletter: The Tanzania Petroleum Team also has you covered on sponsored email newsletters. Do you have something that could benefit our audience and the oil and gas industry? Then we can consider sending emails to our audience. We won’t do more than four sponsored emails in a month. However, if it’s something we think will benefit our audience, we can consider your offer.

All these service are carried out in accordance with international specifications and standards. Why look far for the above services, when we can provide you with quality, safe, and efficient services with competitive rates?

To order for any of the above services, send us a mail via our contact page here.

Or you can send an email to info@tanzaniapetroleum.com

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