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1.Products and services web marketing
This help  business  to market services and products, stimulate demand and generate new leads  in market place in Tanzania and across East Africa. We will handle your business’s digital marketing and drive your business growth in Tanzania and across East Africa.
Steps Starts Your Digital Marketing With Tanzaniapetroleum.com
Email us copy of your brief which contain the following details:
  • Target customer, brand name, what to market, target audience location
  • Objectives:  For example objective can be to generate leads and inquires, build brand awareness, educate clients, establish your expertise, attract best employees or prestigious partner etc.
2.Event web promotion
It helps event organizers to create awareness about an event in Tanzania and across East Africa and increase number of participants in Tanzania and across East Africa. Some events this web promotion is for , congress, exhibition and conferences, trade show , training etc.
When hired in order to meet  upcoming event communication objectives will create publicity strategy that will create massive awareness of the event to ensure instant and massive exposure and create a sense of occasion around the event in Tanzania and Eat Africa all over the internet.
We will write digital advertising banner,creative promotion articles,internet press release, interview your keynote speakers and sponsors on their expectation of the event, we then distribute all the contents to our multiple social media accounts, (Twitter,  LinkedIn , Facebook). It will also published on  local websites targeted  at Tanzanians and East African, we shall also promote them to our newsletters made up of over 3000 subscribers. 
How To Get Started  To Hire Us For An Event Promotion
Email us a copy of your brief document with following details:

  •  Target audience  and region
  •   Type of event  (congress, exhibition, trade show, training etc)
  •   Duration of the publicity and organizer’s name
  •   Objectives; The online promotion objectives can  be to sell tickets, generates leads and inquires. create awareness,     educate target audience about the event.

Cost: Available on request

3:Email  Marketing

Join other businesses who leverage our  bulk email database to reach thousands of industry professionals and engage with its key target audience  in Tanzania and across East Africa. Email marketing help your business achieve divergent objectives and goals: advertising of products and services to generate new leads, public enlightenment  to create brand awareness.

You can send  the written email copy to us, and we shall utilize our bulk email database to send to the target recipient. Once your email copy has run, we give the email roughly 3-5 days, we  send you the proof i.e the proof of the bulk email sending work done. This will show how many subscriber opened the email, open and click  rates etc.

Cost: Available on request.

5:Press release distribution :

Press release distribution services will get you massive publicity online and increase visibility and exposure of your company, products, services, event or initiative to new audience through press release submission to multiple publications. You can have great services, products  news and write great press release, but if they are not  published on the best and big news portal website then your news won’t reach the target Tanzanian and East African audiences. And the PR will be waste of time and money for brand. Our press release distribution will help your reach and engage with your target audience in Tanzania, East Africa and beyond.

After press release circulated will email to you the report detailing all the places your press release is published and active.Also  you will be sent links to see all the websites that publish your press release.

Press release Package include

  • Publication on 3 big websites target Tanzania, East Africa and West Africa.
  • Send press release as newsletter to  3000 oil and gas professionals email recipients
  • Post on multiple tanzaniapetroleum.com’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Post on  5 LinkedIn groups target  Tanzania, East Africa and beyond with over  200,000 members.
  • Post on Tanzania online discussion forum.

To get started send us your press release includelogo/picture. It will take us 4 working days  for us to complete the PR circulation and submission. And the media publication report will be send to you.

Cost:Available on request.

Also on demand, we can help you write a press release.

6:Article Writing

We write content that not only keep marketing department happy  but also resonate with clients and target audience. Our content can persuade, inform or motivate your target audience  to take a desired action. We scan help you write any type of articles or content, press release, newsletters, product descriptions, special reports,, social media post, blog post etc.

7:White paper promotion?

Does your company has white paper to promote? Hire us to promote your white paper to reach the target audience in Tanzania or across East Africa and generate new leads.

8:B2B Consulting
We also Search for partners for distribution, local service, strategic alliance, technology transfer, mergers and acquisitions.We also help you arrange your appointments in advance prior to the commencement of the Forum/Exhibition you attending in Tanzania and beyond. This allows you to explore possible business opportunities, maximize your networking activities, and help you make the most out of your participation. Through this service; you will be able to meet as many people as possible during your Forum/exhibition days and spend your time more efficiently.
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