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Do you want to learn when the planned drilling projects start in Tanzania?

Are you looking for business opportunities in the industry?

If your  answer is Yes to any of the above then you are landed at the right place.

It is truly that the oil price significantly went down in the global market.But industry experts know that in order to have a better tomorrow, planning must start from today.

What if you could learn  when the proposed drilling projects starts in Tanzania?  What if you could evaluate trends and projects  without wasting precious years? What if you could do that without begging, bribing, or cajoling anybody? What if you could do that now?


A compendium of Tanzania’s oil and gas opportunities is your important tool for project evaluation and for planning your strategy with confidence to participate in available and upcoming oil and gas projects.

The compendium of Tanzania’s oil and gas opportunities contains trends , drilling plans, project opportunities and what to expect from Tanzania’s oil and gas in 2020 and beyond.

Key elements including

  1. Trigger events:  It cover everything from mergers and acquisitions deals, farm out deals and more
  2. Drilling plans:  Wells drilled(onshore and offshore) Analysis on key drilling projects and what to expects from the projects in 2020 and beyond .
  3. Influential companies: We profile active and  currently operating companies in Tanzania, including their back ground, mail address , telephone numbers and their recent projects
  4. Gas production demand forecast 2019-2022
  5. Resources: Links, websites and guidance for those seeking to  offer services to Tanzania’s oil and gas market.

At a just $100 you can grab your copy of ” A compendium of Tanzania’s oil and gas opportunities 2020″

To order your copy contact us at

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