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What Does Natural gas discovery in Tanzania mean for  Local Entrepreneurs

With this massive discovery of natural gas in Tanzania which is nearly 55.5 trillion cubic feet,  international companies and foreign  investors across the world are swarming in Tanzania to invest in natural gas sector. What does it mean to Tanzania entrepreneurs?  The logic here is very simple: there is unlimited opportunities in natural gas industry […]

See Why in Tanzania Gas Industry, Transparency is Important

Recently, transparency become hot in Tanzania’s Oil and gas Sector. Many organisations work hard on launch their findings  to promote transparency in natural gas industry Yesterday the Friedrich- Ebert -Stiffung (FES)  Tanzania, launched its “Tanzania Oil and Gas Almanac” and present other  tools aimed at promoting  transparency in Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. you can […]

Challenge: Can state afford a national petroleum company that is an Operator?

In emerging oil and gas producer country like Tanzania interest in promoting national participation is growing dramatically But  the two key questions are Whether and when it  is appropriate to create National Oil Company (NOC )  ?and What the role the  of National Oil Company  should have? Although the decision of creating National Oil Company […]

Life Cycle of a Well

                         1.Exploration:This is the first stage in getting oil and gas to  market.This is where Geoscientists and Petroleum engineer work together to locate and drill into location that they think will produce oil.                        2.Appraisal: After they finding the traces of oil and gas they must appraisal and evaluate the commercial potential of that […]

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