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The Best And Worst Ways To Find A Job In Oil and Gas Companies In Tanzania And East Africa

Oil and gas activities, such as pipeline construction and extraction of oil and natural gas, create thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Tanzania and East Africa. But when people search for job in the oil and gas sector, they use trial-and-error methods. Most people don’t succeed with this approach. This article looks at a […]

Joint Venture Opportunities Relating To Tanzania Oil And Gas Equipment And Services

Natural gas has been produced in Tanzania for local consumption since 2004. The first and most productive gas field has been discovered during the past 32 years. Abundant natural gas deposits are found in many areas of Tanzania. Total recoverable gas is estimated at 57 trillion cubic feet and much of that has been used […]

Ideal Employer Survey: The Top 10 National Oil Companies

As the term implies, a national oil company (NOC) is an organization somehow linked to a country’s government. Unlike a multinational or international oil company (IOC) whose shareholders hail from the private sector, a government partially or fully owns a NOC. The profit motive does matter to NOCs, but these entities’ ties to the public […]

Tanzania Plan Pre FEED On LNG Project

Tanzania plans to spend $2.6mn (6bn Tanzania shillings) in the 2018/19 financial year, ending next March, on conducting a pre-front end engineering design (pre-FEED) for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant and compensating 450 project-affected people, according to national budget plans released last week. Five international gas companies are working on building a $30bn onshore […]

China State Owned CNOOC Sees Likely Start of Uganda Oil Field in 2021

  The state owned  Chinese oil company developing Uganda’s crude finds with Total SA and Tullow Oil Plc, said production at its Kingfisher field will probably start in 2021. Cnooc is likely to bring Kingfisher on stream three years after making a final investment decision, expected later in 2018, according to Likun Kuang, finance manager […]

7 + Lucrative Businesses That Oil and Gas Companies Do In Tanzania And East Africa

Are you want to understand the business of oil and gas industry? The article provides insight on 10 lucrative businesses that oil and gas companies do in Tanzania 1.Producing oil and gas. This business involves identifying oil or natural gas, develop and extract the resources and extract. Companies involved in this business often called exploration […]

Respond To Public Concerns  About The Oil and Gas Sector In Tanzania and East Africa

  Oil and gas company activities can be very large undertakings in physical and economic terms. They may bring many benefits to host communities. They may also involve a range of impacts relating to health and safety, economic, social and/or environmental concerns. This article provides insight into how the oil and gas companies operating in […]

Tanzania oil and gas sector Needs Oil and Gas, Too

Oil and natural gas continue to be the cost-effective source of energy to electric power, industrial and residential sectors. Beside from producing natural gas that used as cost-effective source of energy to electric power, industrial, commercial and residential sector, Tanzania’s oil and gas use oil and natural gas in its own operation. Tanzania’s oil and  […]

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