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How to Become a Supplier of Goods and/or a Service Provider with Big Oil and Gas Companies in Tanzania and East Africa

It is no secret that running an oil and gas company can skyrocket your financial status in a reasonable time from setting up. The oil and gas industry has made individuals live their dream lives, traveling the world and bringing a huge profit to companies. If you need to provide goods and offer services to […]

Have you heard what’s trending in Uganda and Tanzania right now?

Yes, you’re right. The East African Crude Oil Pipeline project which will be constructed to transport crude oil from the oil fields in Hoima, Uganda to Tanga port in Tanzania. It made big front-page headlines for weeks and people are still talking about it months after. The surprising (or unsurprising) thing about the news and […]

Major Opportunities for Local Entrepreneurs in the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project

 By Hussein Boffu The construction of the 1445-kilometer East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project is another gold rush. The campsites have been built and some jobs related to studies and engineering are being conducted. Tanga airport is smaller than Dar es Salaam airport, but it has more activities now: the terminal building is largely […]

Why Uganda and Tanzania Should Start Women and Minority Programs for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project

By  Hussein Boffu The proposed pipeline designed to carry crude oil from the Hoima-Uganda oil field to Tanga port in Tanzania is a great move. But let’s ask ourselves, “How do we increase opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses on the pipeline project?” Basically, how do we increase job opportunities for women on the proposed […]

Most Demanded Jobs On The East African Crue Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project

Politicians and industry leaders have been told us that there would be increasing in employment opportunities during the construction of the East African crude oil pipeline. In truth, the pipeline is a free ride for many Ugandans and Tanzanians who want to cash in on it. But the important question is what most in-demand jobs […]

5 Trends In Oil & Gas Technology, And Why You Should Care

    Oil and gas (O&G) technology is a field often ignored in many technological publications. The majority of tech publications have been focusing on areas such as healthcare and communication. While much of the attention in the O&G industry has been focused on price fluctuations and the impact on national and world economies, organizations […]

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