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Want to Start Your Business in Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Sector? Here’s How

Have you ever wanted to start your own business in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania? If you answer yes, then it’s a wise decision to pursue. Tanzania’s oil and gas sector is another name for wealth. To verify my words, plan a visit to the Oyster Plaza building in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, […]

Here’s How You Can Win a Huge Contract from Big Oil companies In Uganda-Tanzania Oil Pipeline Project

You read the title right. I am not talking about winning small contracts such as offering catering services, security services, or feeding pipeline workers in the site camp. I will explain how to win huge jobs that have bigger rewards and will make you grow bigger. Sometimes overnight. These include engineering construction jobs, welding and […]

Does it Take Rocket Science to Succeed in the Oil and Gas Sector in Tanzania?

Think back for a moment. What do you imagine when someone mentions the oil and gas sector? Businessmen worth billions? Oil barons? The government? Let me also ask: what do you think it takes to succeed in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania? I have some good news for you. It’s not by having […]

[eBook] Discounts: The Complete Guide to Starting a Petrol Station Business in Tanzania

Drumroll, please. Because this is yet another brutally honest jab. Recently, I heard someone, who wanted to register for an agric program that will fetch him millions per year, say, “I thought I’m going to make millions. Remove the registration fee from it.” You laughed, right? Please, don’t. You may be laughing at your mirrored […]

7 Opportunities in the Uganda-Tanzania Pipeline Project and How to Participate

The East African oil pipeline (or the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline is the talk of the town now. Not only in East Africa but all over the globe. The construction of this pipeline is officially on. Social and resettlement planning services have been undertaking it in Tanzania. The sad reality is that people don’t know about the […]

How You Can Profit From The 3 Greatest Oil and Gas Projects In Tanzania

It breaks my heart as I’m writing this article. That’s because a majority of Tanzanians do not benefit from immense opportunities in the oil and gas in Tanzania. Tanzania has discovered 57.27 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This is the massive discoveries But still, majorities of Tanzanian population do not see the immense business […]

Amnex has Hired Baker Hughes Units For The Notrya 2 Gas Discovery In Tanzania

UK-listed independent Aminex has appointed an adviser to prepare a gas commercialisation study to assist with the development of the Ntorya field onshore southern Tanzania. Io Oil & Gas Consulting (IOGC), a joint venture between GE Baker Hughes and McDermott, will identify gas monetisation options available to Aminex, and its junior partner Solo Oil, including […]

Amnex Is Now Profitable and Full Funded To Drill Notrya- 3 In Tanzania

Aminex plc (LON:AEX) has been receiving some encouragement following re-assessments of the recent Ntorya-2 appraisal well result. Broker Shore Capital calculated that on a revised view of the Ruvuma project in Tanzania, which includes Ntorya, the shares are worth 6p/share against a 4p per share valuation previously. It notes the shares have retreated from 7p since April but […]

Attention: Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Seeking Opportunities In The Oil and Gas In Tanzania

Attention: Business Owners  &  Entrepreneurs Seeking  Opportunities In The Oil and Gas In Tanzania Dear entrepreneur friend. I am writing to share some great news: It is truly remarkable Tanzania has in a short period of time become the main focus of attention as a source of new global gas supply. Since 2010, Tanzania has […]

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