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The Influx of New Companies in the East African Upstream Oil and Gas Sector: What You Should Know

Wait a minute! Have you ever sat down to think about why major oil companies of the world and international investors are scrambling for a solid ground in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector? I have, and I have concluded that there is a huge potential hidden under the East African soil and in its neighboring […]

Anadarko To Award $2.5bn Contract To Indigeneous Companies In Mozambique

Anadarko says it expects to award contracts worth some $2.5bn to Mozambican companies between 1H2019 –when it plans to takes final investment decision on its big Mozambique LNG venture – and 2024 when it hopes gas from its offshore Area 1 will start to be liquefied for export. At a seminar convened to discuss opportunities available for […]

Community Engagement: Is Social Media Hurting or Helping the Oil and Gas Industry. 

By Hussein Boffu The oil and gas industry is of one of the major public and private sector in Tanzania’s economy. Oil and gas companies play a vital role in helping residents of local communities in their operational region. The industry, as a whole, has gone a great length in protecting the environment, and maintaining […]

Local Content Regulations to Spur Economic Prosperity in Oil and Gas Industry

  By Joe Watson Gakuo In every country with natural resources like oil or gas, the government will often implement local content policies with a noble intent, in an effort to create jobs, spur local industries and tame ‘Dutch Disease’. These kinds of policies aim at promoting a system where international companies work with locals […]

Tanzania Wants to Build Pipeline to Pump Gas to Uganda

KAMPALA, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Tanzania wants to build a pipeline to pump natural gas to neighbouring Uganda, another step in the two countries’ bid to expand energy cooperation. State-run Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) said on Monday that the pipeline would start from its capital Dar es Salaam, then pass through Tanga port on […]

EACOP Project Status And An Update On Important Projects

    By ALLAN OLINGO Australia-based WorleyParsons and London-based Penspen are said to be the lead contenders to win the contract for the construction of the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline that will start in Hoima and terminate at the sea port of Tanga in northern Tanzania. A source with knowledge of the matter told The EastAfrican that the two […]

Tanzania’s Countrywide Push for Oil and Gas Exploration

State-owned Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) is set to start issuing invitations to tender next month for a variety of upstream-related work that includes offers to participate in exploration in the south and north of the country. In early August, it plans to release bid documents to companies keen to partner TPDC in exploring the […]

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