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Career Advice

The Tanzania Petroleum Team also posts career advice on the blog.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you want to invest in the oil and gas sector?

Are you looking at your investment as a long-term contract and, ultimately, a lifetime deal?

Stay updated via our blog and our books.

Do You Want a Career Advice Specifically Tailored to You?

Most times, career advices you read via the blog and our books may be too wide to go deeper into the aspect you want it to. Or it may be too narrow to talk much about much.

But you can get a career advice, specifically for yourself.

The founder of Tanzania Petroleum is available for consultation.

When you book for a consultation, the advice you get depend on your strengthgs, weaknesses, financial status, passion for the oil and gas sector, etc. amongst other things.

Click here to see the consultation booking details.

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