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18 Stages Of East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Construction

Pipeline construction involves multiple steps. Understand the stages help to identify the roles your business can play in the proposed 3.5 billion dollar Uganda-Tanzania pipeline. Here are the 18 phases of the construction of the East African Crude oil pipeline 1.Construction survey The first step in the construction of the EACOP project is a civil […]

Tanzania’s Thirst For Gas

By Hussein Boffu Energy is the main driver for the industrialized economies. Despite massive gas discovery in the country, Tanzania’s gas need is much greater than its proven gas reserves which are about 57 trillion cubic feet (1.61 trillion cubic meters) of gross recoverable of gas resources. The country’s vision is to become the industrialize […]

How To Work As A Subcontractor In The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project

  The best opportunity is the one that its time has come, the statement hold truth as the construction of the East African crude oil pipeline (EACOP) scheduled to start up this soon. If you are service or equipment provider, you should watch EACOP project closely. The fact is, many local companies are young and […]

5+ Industries That Have Most Opportunities Right Now In Tanzania  And Will Work Long In The Future

I wonder why my fellow countrymen  flooding abroad and back  glorified opportunities in Tanzania. Opportunities are always under our feet. We don’t have to go anywhere. All we need to do is to recognize and exploit them. If you have been thinking to exploit opportunities in Tanzania, stay alert and you will start to notice […]

An Open Letter To College Graduates Seeking To Thrive In Volatile Economy In Tanzania And Africa.

Dear Graduates, After spending over 16 years to achieve academic qualification you are now leaving a life as a student and entering a real world as an adult Welcome to the real world where grade(A,b, C) isn’t an actual measurement of the success. Is your ability to live those A, B, C that counts. As […]

15+ Lucrative Oil and Gas Business Opportunities And Ideas In Tanzania And East Africa

Oil and gas is the most rewarding sector across the globe. It has created many millionaires and billionaire than almost any other sector, Anybody who run any kind of oil and gas business is perceived as has a loaded of wealth. But while the industry is lucrative most people are unsure where to begin and […]

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