Transforming People From Just Followers to Top- Performers

Is Pan African Energy A Top-Performing Oil and Gas Company In Tanzania?

Have you ever wondered what separates the top-performing oil and gas company from the rest of the pack? Why Some companies dominate the market while others struggle? The answer is pretty simple: Performance. In the competitive oil and gas market, people  pay for performance versus activities. While oil and gas companies love talking about seismic, […]

 Planned Oil and Gas Projects In Mozambique Before 2030

Massive natural gas resources discovered in the Rovuma basin, offshore Northern Mozambique have become a magnet for foreign direct investment. Major oil companies of the world such as Franch oil giant Total, Italy’s Eni and Us Major Exxon Mobil are developing LNG export facilities and infrastructures to commercialize the large scale offshore gas resources in […]

An Open Letter To Young Professionals, Graduates and Students Who Are Looking For Career Development Opportunities In Oil and Gas In Tanzania and East Africa.

Back In November 2019, I met a petroleum engineering student at a career enhancement event organized by the society of petroleum engineers in Tanzania. The students asked my opinion on whether it is worth it to stick in the oil and gas industry right now or it is better to move into more stable fields. […]

Bridging the Leadership Gap In East African Oil and Gas

  To realize potential economic benefits from activities of discovering developing and producing oil and gas resources, the industry needs one important thing. A lot of competent and trained local people, With massive deepwater natural gas discoveries and upcoming exploration and production projects, developing local experience is the best way to drive industry growth and […]

Driving East Africa’s Oil and Gas Towards Industrial Development Through Increased Local Capacity Development

  The oil and price went significantly down since 2014. Industry analysts project the price will oscillate between $50 to $60 per barrel in 2020. Technically speaking, in this period when the oil price is selling at $50 per barrel, it is not only a challenge to attract direct foreign investment but there is also […]

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