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A New Independent Oil and Gas Service Company Won  £1 million  Deal   in Tanzania oil and gas Sector   

Tems International MD Bill Walkingshaw, left, with international business development manager Colin Bruce   An independent based  Aberdeen based oil and gas service company named STEM international has secured its first huge contract In Tanzania. STEM International  founded in 2017 and now has secured  2 years  contract that worth £1 million  to carry out: Environment […]

Aminex Applied For Development Stage of Notrya Field In Tanzania

  Uk independent exploration and production company (Aminex) has applied for development license of Notary field, Ruvuma basin in Tanzania. Aminex submitted development plan to Tanzania petroleum development operation (TPDC). And Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA) will approve. The development plan involves findings from the commercialization study done by oi oil and gas consultant which […]

How To Start and Succeed In Oil and Gas Business In Tanzania If You Don’t Have Prior Experience and Background Related To Oil and Gas

How can you start a business In upstream oil and gas without experience and succeed on it? But here is a misconception out there. People believe without practical experience in oil and gas you can’t make it in the oil and gas business. If you don’t have a degree in petroleum engineering, oil and gas […]

Here‘s the Best Investment That Will Bring You A Solid Return In This Time of Uncertain Economy

  Dear Friend, Have you ever racked your brain, finding the perfect business opportunity? Are you wondering where to put your moneyand reap a huge profit? If you answer yes to all the above, then listen up. Deep down, you know that we are in an uncertain economy. Most businesses (but not all) are doing […]

Want to Start Your Business in Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Sector? Here’s How

Have you ever wanted to start your own business in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania? If you answer yes, then it’s a wise decision to pursue. Tanzania’s oil and gas sector is another name for wealth. To verify my words, plan a visit to the Oyster Plaza building in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, […]

Here’s How You Can Win a Huge Contract from Big Oil companies In Uganda-Tanzania Oil Pipeline Project

You read the title right. I am not talking about winning small contracts such as offering catering services, security services, or feeding pipeline workers in the site camp. I will explain how to win huge jobs that have bigger rewards and will make you grow bigger. Sometimes overnight. These include engineering construction jobs, welding and […]

Does it Take Rocket Science to Succeed in the Oil and Gas Sector in Tanzania?

Think back for a moment. What do you imagine when someone mentions the oil and gas sector? Businessmen worth billions? Oil barons? The government? Let me also ask: what do you think it takes to succeed in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania? I have some good news for you. It’s not by having […]

[eBook] Discounts: The Complete Guide to Starting a Petrol Station Business in Tanzania

Drumroll, please. Because this is yet another brutally honest jab. Recently, I heard someone, who wanted to register for an agric program that will fetch him millions per year, say, “I thought I’m going to make millions. Remove the registration fee from it.” You laughed, right? Please, don’t. You may be laughing at your mirrored […]

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