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Oil and Gas Companies Drill Into Social Media

Marketing and communications in the oil and gas industry, once as prehistoric as the basins where oil and gas is found, is advancing dramatically. Social media is beginning to propel this industry and its marketing and communications function forward. Despite previous roadblocks from companies’ internal legal departments and fear of the unknown, many oil and […]

Aminex Current Status On Drilling Projects In Tanzania

Uk- based exploration and production firm, Aminex, has answered the most frequently asked questions. The company released some answers on the status of its drilling programs in Tanzania. Some of the questions include. What is the status of drilling CH-1? The Company has finalised the Chikumbi-1 executive drilling and completions programmes, has identified and selected […]

An Open Letter to Ugandan Young People Seeking to Capitalize on the Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector

  Hello, Ugandan young people. How is Kampala? It is quite good here in Dar es Salaam. But it was a little bit sad that you beat us three-to-nil on our national stadium in the African Cup of Nations (AFCON). But that’s part of football. We have not lost the game; we have only learned. […]

How Not to be Left Behind in the Current Rehiring in Major Oil and Gas Projects in Tanzania and East Africa

The year 2019 is the year of achievement in the East African oil and gas industry. Chances are that many projects are coming on stream. Already, there is the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project. The Ugandan-Tilenga project will soon kickstart. I read a good news on the East African media outlet last week. […]

Marketing in the Oil and Gas Industry: Does Your Business Employ These Three Effective Marketing Strategies?

Marketing your technical and professional services can be a little bit frustrating if you’re unaware of the needs of and challenges facing the oil and gas industry. This article will expose you to some strategies to market your professional services, especially the fact that deals are made through handshake and relationship. Before we move into […]

How Oil and Gas Companies Can Turn Stakeholders into Raving Fans

Many oil and gas companies spend thousands of dollars in building and managing their brand value. But in many oil and gas companies, branding is often the most misused and least effective marketing activity. Technically speaking, there is one major reason for ineffective branding in the oil and gas industry, and the reason boils down […]

Five Stupid Marketing Strategies to Avoid When Marketing in the Oil and Gas Industry

  Whether you market directly to oil and gas companies or you approach their prime contractor, some marketing blunders will waste your time and money. In this article, I will outline a list of common marketing mistakes made by companies trying to market to the oil and gas industry. Not Understanding the Goal of Marketing […]

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