Transforming People From Just Followers to Top- Performers

Seven New Skills and Workforce Requirements Searched By Oil and Gas Companies From Modern Workers

The oil and gas industry has changed in the past few years. Fluctuating oil prices, regulations, and technologies presenting opportunities for skilled workers. Increasing productivity and high performance from the workforce have become higher priority areas across the industry. Today oil and gas companies need to get the most from the workers. To be successful […]

Three Trends Impacting Oil and Gas Workforce In Tanzania and East Africa

    The oil price crash of  2014 to 2016 have played a key role in the industry’s workforce restructuring. Merger and acquisition have also impacted East African oil and gas workforce. The most recent announced merger and acquisition deal was the Indonesian company, Medco Energi’s $539m acquisition of Ophir Energy on May 2019. Furthermore, […]

Is Swala Oil and Gas Driving Hard Towards 2020

If Swala was a person, its nickname would be “The Survivor” for its ability to sustain itself during uncertain market conditions and remain active in Tanzania despite the global industry’s crash from 2014 to 2017. Swala Oil and Gas (Tanzania) is another operator with drilling plan in Tanzania. We have been watching Swala’s development in […]

An Investor’s Guide to Tanzania downstream Petroleum Product Market

Most people do not understand how the total oil and gas supply chain real works. The oil and gas industry is divided into three sub-sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream sub-sector of the oil and gas industry. The upstream portion of the industry is involved in finding areas with oil and gas resources. They get oil […]

Linking Training and Development with the Oil and Gas Industry Needs

  From the first day I entered the oil and gas industry, I have been told that the industry needs competency. It is an industry in which safety, productivity, and performance is paramount. So I believe “being better matter” in this dynamic industry. The simple truth is that, despite downsizing, restructuring, and cost-cutting, oil and […]

Connecting Skilled Industry Experts with Oil and Gas Companies for Project-Based Work

Many companies struggle to accomplish specific projects because it can be difficult to locate the right talent on time. For instances, your organization might need highly specialized skills for certain initiative, but you could not possess those distinct skills in-house, or may be your company has found that its workforce currently spread too thin, but […]

 Six Trends That Will Shape East African Oil and Gas Industry In 2020 And Beyond

There have been some significant oil and gas discoveries across East Africa, primarily in Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda and have propelled East Africa from the minor league to a global leader in hydrocarbon discoveries for the running ten years. Here are six trends in the East African oil and gas industry worth watching this […]

How to Be A Top-Performing Oil and Gas Professional Your Management Can’t Live Without

Imagine that you are working at an oil and gas company and your notices that some employees are happier day-to-day moving from one position to another while others are filled with frustration and anger? So what makes the difference? Is it a kind of kismet? The answer is NO, but they are top-performers. In highly […]

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