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Tanzania oil and gas sector Needs Oil and Gas, Too

Oil and natural gas continue to be the cost-effective source of energy to electric power, industrial and residential sectors. Beside from producing natural gas that used as cost-effective source of energy to electric power, industrial, commercial and residential sector, Tanzania’s oil and gas use oil and natural gas in its own operation. Tanzania’s oil and  […]

How And Where To Find Keynote Speakers For Your Oil and Gas Events or Program In Tanzania and East Africa

Finding the right speakers who can speak about the topic in the oil and gas sector can be frustrating in Tanzania. This is because the industry is still new in the East African countries, so many people might lack professional knowledge on the different subjects in the oil and gas industry If you are looking […]

How Oil And Gas Companies Manage Health and Safety Risk In Tanzania And East Africa.

The oil and gas companies activities bring immense benefit to Tanzanians and the country as well. They create jobs, government receive royalty and collect the tax. But they may also bring impacts relating to health and safety. The fact is the upstream oil and gas activities are hazardous. Drilling projects, seismic, helicopter transfer to offshore, […]

Addressing Skills Gap In The Upstream Oil and Gas In Tanzania

  Deficiency of local skills can be major barriers to local participation in the oil and gas company’s activities. Some oil and gas companies deal with this by investing in skills development programs. This include: 1. Partnering with local universities. Norwegian Statoil operator of Area 1 offshore Tanzania partnered with Department of finance at the […]

Top 40 Most Demanded Goods And Services In The East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project That Can Be Offered By Local Entrepreneurs

    The truth is this, local entrepreneurs have existing capacity to participate more actively and with greater success in the proposed East African crude oil pipeline project as a key supplier of quality goods and services. The reason I encourage the local entrepreneurs participation in the project is that you will bring huge profit […]

How To Sell Your Products And Services To Oil and Gas Companies In Tanzania and East Africa. 3 Steps

To help the business operate effectively. Oil and gas companies  buy a bunch of products and services. Such as office supplies, construction equipment, personal protective equipment, IT telecommunication, Insurance, clearing and forwarding, transportation services, equipment and even engineering services. Whatever you do now, you can sell to oil and gas companies as well, and at […]

Revealed: How Oil and Gas Companies Make A Huge Profit in Tanzania

Despite news that many international oil companies have been discovering huge quantities of natural gas in Tanzania, the general public is unaware of how the oil and gas companies really function. And when it comes to how they make money, even their employees cannot pinpoint. Oil and gas companies differ, but this article will focus […]

What You Should Know About Petroleum Engineering

The field of petroleum engineering has three branches: 1.Drilling engineers 2. Production engineers 3.Reservoir engineers Let us look at each of these. Drilling engineers are the one concern to drill deep underground.They create a system of steel pipes to bring oil and natural gas out of the ground. Drilling engineer work together with geologists to […]

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