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Hussein Boffu

Hussein Boffu is a petroleum industry professional In Tanzania. specializes in Petroleum geosciences. He is committing to doing whatever it takes to helping Tanzanians, International Individuals, and companies interested in Tanzania's oil and gas sector. Help them doing business in the and working in the sector.He recognized by various companies in and outside the countries. Such as Tanzania Oil, Gas and Mines Company limited. And Us based Companies Acm Alpha limited.Hussein is pleased to help some Tanzania Launching their own companies and students to have a successful career in the industry. He believes that Everybody can Invest In Tanzania's gas provided they have the right information. The industry is growing at an alarming rate as the energy demand increases.But challenges are immense as well. But with collaboration with stakeholders, we can address such stumbling block and succeed in the long run. Please Call, write, or email me. And I'll respond right away.Even your Idea are not firmed Up, I recommend you to contact me and we 'll make It happen Hussein.Boffu@Tanzaniapetroleum.com 0655 37 65 43

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