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By advertising on TanzaniaPetroleum  help you create the major regional and national brand

For quite some time now *Tanzaniapetroleum.com* has been helping companies such as CWC group Limited (http://www.thecwcgroup.com/)to promote their products and service to our key customers 90% of Tanzania petroleum traffic percent is coming from the Google searches, where Tanzania petroleum is normally in the first ten of listings for related topics in Tanzania.

We also have an attractive Facebook and Twitter presence that refers numerous visitors.

Three quarters of these businesses have an annual turnover of over 20 million dollars

Tanzania petroleum has become a “must visit” website if you are buying or supplying goods and services to oil , gas or energy sector.

There are a wide range of industries that utilise the website, the majority being in construction, oil services companies, operators,  mining, service, defence and engineering.

By advertising on  TanzaniaPetroleum  you are promoting your business to the decision makers of a company, with most visitors who access TanzaniaPetroleum being a director, managing director or general manager, Chief excutive, and high profile government representatives.

Advertising Opportunities

There are a number of advertising opportunities available on the TanzaniaPetroleum website.

ProjectConnect website offers the following placements:

Top Banner –  Advert will display within the TanzaniaPetroleum banner at the top of website page
Side Priority- The advert will be displayed on the right hand side of  website
Advertisement Rates
Advertisement is calculated on a monthly basis, with discounted rates available for consecutive months.

Banner Type 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Top Banner $ 50.00 $ 100.00 $ 150.00 $ 200.00
Side Priority $ 25.00 $ 50.00 $ 97.00 $ 120.00

Advert Specification


Adverts consist of: One graphic file (to dimension)

One alternate text (max. 30 characters)
One URL address for click-through
Click through material must be hosted on the Advertisers website.
Advert files must comply with the following:
Banner Type Dimensions Format Preferred Size (KB) Max Size (KB)
Top Banner 650px X 90px jpg, gif, png 50kb 75kb
Side Priority 150px X 200px jpg, gif, png 35kb 50kb

Advert Specification – Continued

Advert artwork to be supplied electronically.
All hyperlink/html code must be sent in a Text (.txt) attachment, not in the body of an email.
Advert artwork to be supplied EXACTLY to specification.
Advert artwork to be supplied as JPEG, PNG, GIF, or animated GIF file format.
ProjectConnect does not support third-party hosting of advert work.
Animated GIF files are to be supplied as a single consolidated file.
Animation length for any advert must not exceed 10 seconds.
Require Artwork?

If you require assistance and pricing to develop a banner advert please contact us on +255655376543/+255689955711 or info@tanzaniapetroleum.com

Booking Guidelines

Advertisers are required to submit their graphic file, alternate text description and URL at least 5 working days prior to the commencement date for the advert.

Please allow 4 working days for requests to change existing target URL’s and/or new graphics to become effective

Enquire About Advertising

To order the adverting space send your names, company name, email address and mobile number to the following contacts below:

For all enquiries please contact ProjectConnect:
Email: info@tanzaniapetroleum.com
Telephone: +255655376543/+255689955711

Mailing Address TanzaniaPetroleum
PO Box 50018 Dar es salaam, Tanzania







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