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Three Steps: How To Target The Best Business Prospects For Services In The Oil and Gas Industry.

The oil, gas, and energy sector is a highly competitive industry. Identifying the best oil and gas companies to target for your products or services and where to allocate your marketing resources effectively is key to increasing your winning rates.

Finding high quality leads with a greater capacity for future projects such as drilling, helps vendors to tailor their products and services to better fit the market. This saves time and money and helps to focus your marketing resources to the oil and gas companies who have a high demand for your offerings.

If you are looking for business opportunities in the energy industry this articles will enable you to identify the best oil and gas energy companies to target for submitting a proposal for your services or products.

The article outlines some steps to identify and target high-quality leads in the oil, gas and energy industry. This enables oil and gas service providers, set their strategy with confidence and identify opportunities before their competitors in this ever-changing energy market.

  1. Find out who the main players in the market are. 

The first step is to find who are the main players are in the region. Develop a list of both major multinational oil and gas companies, and small independent oil and gas companies that have a physical presence in the region.

  1. Look at current oil and gas activity in the area.

Once you have found out the key player, the next step is to identify who is doing what in the region. Find out what kind of oil and gas activities are occurring in the area. Also, find out which companies are likely to have a project in the future. Which company is likely to drill, build oil and gas pipelines or conduct exploration in the areas? Identify their oil and gas production levels. This helps you to narrow your target group prospect and focus your sales and market effort to prospects who are likely to have a project in the region.

  1. Gain a high-level overview of the project capacity.

Once you have narrowed your best target business group you need to find more information about the companies’ activities or projects.

If you have learned that some of your prospects are preparing for drilling projects you should dig deep to know how the information that will help have a deeper understanding of these operators and their activity. So, if you have uncovered your prospects are gearing up for the drilling, find out how long it takes these companies to drill their wells.

What is the company’s name that has been contracted to drill the wells? Gather sufficient information about the oil and gas companies(operators) and their prime contractors. Because sometimes oil and gas companies do not buy but their prime contractors do.

To thrive in this ever-changing energy market. Vendors should filter all noise and focus on high probability opportunities that fit your business. To do so they have to work with reliable partners to help them meet their business intelligence demand.

Service and equipment providers should be data-oriented and rely on partners who can give them reliable information and data about the active key players and project activity across the East African oil and gas industry.

Updated: October 28, 2019 — 10:37 AM
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