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How To Become a Supplier/Vendor To Songas

              Brief Information About Songas

• Songas started operations in year 2004 under PPA

• Shareholders of Songas are: Globeleq, TPDC, TANESCO and TDFL

• Songas operates six gas turbines at UPP: 2 SGT600 + 4 GE LM6000 PC gas turbines

• The gas turbines use natural gas to generate electricity.Songas generates about 180MW of electricity or 25% of electricity supply in the country.

The natural gas is transported by pipeline over 225 kms from Songosongo island to Dar es Salaam. Songas is responsible for maintenance of the gas pipeline wayleave. Excess gas is used by over 28 factories in Dar es Salaam

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Songas Procurement Policy and Procedures

  • Songas purchases is guided by the procurement policy and purchasing procedures:
  • Provide guidelines on the procurement authority
  • Competitive bidding and its exceptions
  • Integrity
  • Health and safety
  • Compliance requirements
  • Against Corruption and unauthorized payments
  • Fairness
  • Supplier registration
  • Bid evaluation etc
  • Songas purchases goods and services under competitive bidding with minimum of three quotations
  • Exceptions to competitive bidding are:
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Emergency purchases
  • Consultancy services or sole supplier


What Songas Buys- Services

Songas sources following services

  • Catering services
  • Freight clearing and forwarding
  • Car hire
  • Air ticketing
  • Cleaning services and security
  • Consultancy in various services: HR matters, legal, taxation,
  • Civil services
  • Soil erosion control on wayleave of gas pipeline
  • HSE services
  • Internet supply
  • Banking services
  • Waste disposal and collection
  • Civil, construction and engineering service
  • Repair services
  • Insurance services
  • Hotel services etc


What Songas Buys- Services

Songas sources following goods

Inventory Items:

  • Consumable parts and materials of different types
  • Mechanical parts, spares, machinery, equipments
  • Safety items
  • ICT items
  • Chemicals of different types and categorie
  • Electronics
  • Electrical parts, spares and equipments


  • Non-Inventory Purchases:
  • Capital goods
  • Vehicles
  • Spares, machinery and equipments
  • Building materials
  • Various materials
  • Cable
  • Etc

          How To Become  a Supplier or Vendor To Songas

  • Supplier/Vendor must be able to quote competitive rates, correct specifications and quality and timely delivery
  • Supplier/Vendor should provide warranty for:
  • goods supplied an
  • services supplied
  • Supplier/Vendor must be able to communicate online using email, internet etc. As all inquiries are sent via email
  • Supplier/vendors must be a legal entity; with registration documents like BRELA registration, TIN, VAT, business licence, clearance certificate, banking details
  • Understand Health, safety and Environment Protection
  • Must not entertain corruption practices, unauthorized payments and must have high integrity
  • Must have skills, capabilities and resources to fulfil the orders
  • Consider HSE (health, safety & environment) issues in all orders and activities
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