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Sudesh Dewar, C.E.O , Demps Offshore


Oil and gas East African Network (OGEAN) had the opportunity to interview Sudesh Dewar who is a  Chief executive officer at DEMPOFSHORE. He talks about the company’s recent milestone and some strategies they will take to enhance local content development through hiring and developing the local workforce in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania and East Africa 

Hussein Boffu asked.

Can you tell us a little about Demps Offshore?

 Demps Offshore Services is a man management company from Navi Mumbai – India, catering mainly to the Oil & Gas industry. We also have our international presence in South Africa. We will be shortly opening our office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania as well.

Over the period of just ten years we are in the position to provide host of offshore personnel for dredging projects, upstream, midstream & downstream.

Managing the entire HR aspects which includes shortlisting, client approval, documentation, medicals, insurances, travel formalities, maintaining required crew strength, crew rotation schedule, crew change, payroll, etc. on behalf of our clients has been the focal point of our services. Our concept / intention is to ease out the pressure of managing the required man power & give the client room for focusing on other important issues.

 What are the biggest projects Demps Offshore has handled & how many people did you hire for the project?

 The project handled by Demps Offshore are as follows:

PRP Offshore pipeline replacement Mumbai High, India 2008 to 2011 20 to 45
Pipe Laying / Cable Laying /SBM / Top Side / Jacket Installation / South Pars, Iran 2010 to 2014 22
Dredging + LNG Terminal Construction Jafrabad, Gujarat, India 2017 to 2018 65
Offshore Drilling Kish Island 2017 to 2018 45
Dredging & LNG Terminal Construction Jafrabad, Gujarat, India 2018 (On going) 27+
Dredging Abu Dhabi, UAE. 2019 953 (Recruitment only)

 There are so many manpower companies out there, why should oil companies or their major contractors (EPC) choose your company instead of others?

 Demps Offshore has demonstrated their know how, understanding & expertise in providing & managing manpower for all segments of oil & gas & in addition dredging project. There is no other manpower company who are proficient in giving all mentioned services under one roof. We completely out class our competitors.

Like any other country when major projects such as pipeline construction or LNG come on stream, the government wants its citizen to benefit. As it concerned to pipeline welding project, it you are supposed to supply local workforce, how would you manage to supply welders & fitters from Tanzania.

 In any profession career starts at the lowest level which is called trainee to apprentice. This level is safe level for a fresher to understand the work profile & exploring correct working methods. In similar way we intend to hire locals & develop them gradually with periodical test & certification. By doing so we manage a “WIN WIN” situation to all (Local Tanzanian people, Government with respect to employment & revenue in the form of tax, Client for getting competitive labour cost, Contractor for providing competitive quote to the client due to the availability of local manpower). By tapping the local resources of manpower we up lift the human development index.

You mentioned  that you have presence in South Africa and  also you are  opening  Tanzania branch . Can you tell us why Tanzania?

There are several attributes to this questions namely, to qualify in getting contracts. It is only possible if you have a local company. Use the local man-force available thus cutting cost on employment visa & travel cost. Great potential in doing business in Tanzania.

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