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How To Create Twenty-Five Thousands New Jobs In The Oil and Gas Sector In Tanzania

Blessed with massive natural gas resources, Tanzania not only has potential to enjoy the benefits of healthy jobs and income but also state may continue to get a boost from taxes and fees this industry generates both directly and indirectly.

In fact, The oil and gas industry is the biggest employer in the world that creates high-wage jobs.

That ’s might sounds unrealistic. Because In the world of economics, a country that relies on one industry for twenty-five thousand jobs is too vulnerable.

If you think that is impossible, keep reading you will find out how this  can be achieved?

Now, let us imagine Tanzania government auction off a piece of land for the multinationals to research and extract oil and gas resources. In this case, let say Shell become the highest bidder and get the right to develop block 1 offshore Tanzania.

Shell doesn’t have its own offshore platform. Shell contract a drilling company such as Poseidon

Which in turn will need a company such as Halliburton to operate rig. Shell and Halliburton hire local workforce and order pipes, safety equipment, catering services and materials from the local suppliers. This creates sales, income, and jobs for these firms

The employees that are hired in the oil and gas industry are paid wages and salaries which they then spend at car dealerships, grocery stores, eating establishments, etc., which generates new sales.

With that thought in mind. Tanzania stands much chance to create thousands of jobs solely in the oil and gas industry.

Today I thought, I would take moment to write an opinion article on the way we can produce twenty-five thousands new jobs in the oil and gas industry with a focus on Tanzania.

Here are ten possible ways to create twenty-five thousand new jobs in as little as two years in Tanzania’s emerging oil and gas sector.
Now, let us count 1 to 10. A powerful formula I learned many years ago that fix any problem:

1. Get 1 Company to move to Tanzania and produce 25,000 new jobs
2. Get 2 companies to move in, each providing 12,500 jobs.
3. Get 5 companies to hire 5,000 people each.
4. Get 10 companies to move in Tanzania and hire 2,500 each
5. Get 50 companies to provide 500 new jobs each.
6. Get 100 companies to provide 250 new jobs each.
7. Get 200 companies to provide 125 new jobs each.
8. Get 250 companies to hire 100 people each.
9. Get 500 companies to hire and hire 50 people each.
10. Get 1,000 companies to provide 25 new jobs each.

How Can We Get These Companies
The first step to job creation the oil and gas industry in Tanzania is to make a list of ten companies in the world that could be possible persuaded to move in Tanzania and create twenty-five thousand new jobs.

We should look at all possible producing force in the world. We should consider all national oil companies (NOC’s) and international oil companies (IOC’s).

Consider oversea operation. Look at all companies in the United State, Canada, Norway that can be persuaded with incentives to come in Tanzania.

The second step is to go to existing oil companies and challenge them to increase their operations in the regions get them to produce more gas and increase their natural gas sales to the point they will need to hire people

This is an opinion and analysis posted by Hussein Boffu, a Tanzania citizen and founder, Tanzania petroleum Do you have more ideas on how we can create more jobs in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania. Leave your comment below.

Updated: October 25, 2018 — 6:19 AM
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