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Joint Venture Opportunities Relating To Tanzania Oil And Gas Equipment And Services

Natural gas has been produced in Tanzania for local consumption since 2004. The first and most productive gas field has been discovered during the past 32 years.

Abundant natural gas deposits are found in many areas of Tanzania. Total recoverable gas is estimated at 57 trillion cubic feet and much of that has been used to generate electricity.

This article provides insight on the most demanded oil and gas equipment and services in the different segment of the oil and gas segments. This include everything from discovering, developing to the extraction gas in Tanzania.


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1.Exploration Equipment and Services
Oil and gas exploration consists of two major activities: seismic surveys which are undertaken to identify potential reservoir areas and exploration drilling to establish whether these areas actually contain oil or gas. Equipment and services required in the exploration phase are:

  • Drill bits
  • Fuel and lubricants
  • Foodstuffs
  • Freight transport
  • Dynamite and caps
  • Supplies
  • Expediting services
  • Transportation (misc.)
  • Communication
  • Parts and repair services
  • Recording paper
  • Magnetic tapes
  • Lathe and flagging
  • Provision of geophysical data acquisition services- These include the supply of equipment and personnel with experience in working in most difficult terrain.

2.Drilling And Service Equipment

During the drilling phase the following services are essentials:

  • Drilling Rigs
  • Camp catering
  • Drill bits
  • Cementing is one of the most important functions performed
    by qualified well service companies. Design, product
    blending, equipment operation, field personnel, and timing;
    all are required to place quality cement products downhole
  • Testing .Testing of new products, coupled with product improvement,
    are of paramount importance in laboratories. The deeper,
    hotter wells now being drilled, require strict quality control
    standards and improved procedures to cement at high
    temperatures and pressures.
  • Drilling fluid
  • Downhole tools and rental
  • Support equipment
  • Communication, fuel.

3.Production Equipment And Services
Production phase entails several new activities. These include well completions, field facilities and oil and gas pipeline.
To bring well into production a number of additional operation must

To bring a well into production, a number of additional operations must be carried
out after the case hole is drilled. These operations are listed below:

  • Installation of production tubing and packers
  • Perforation of the production casing and tubing
  • Chemical or physical stimulation of the producing formation
  • Installation of pumping and wellhead equipment (downhole pump, sucker rods,
    pumpjack, motor, and valves)
  • Well completion operations are almost always carried out by a service rig which is
    smaller and less expensive than a drilling rig. A typical well completion needs-profile
  • Road and site preparation
  • Rig and miscellaneous transport
  • Logging (open hole 8c cased)
  • Cementing and cementing services
  • Casing and attachments
  • Tubing and attachments
  • Wellhead
  • Other equipment and services
  • Engineering supervision Sc administration
  • Service Rig
  • Stimulating 8c perforating
  • Pumping equipment

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